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Eight brunch spots to try in Edmond, Oklahoma City

Thanks to a variety of brunch locations throughout Oklahoma City and Edmond, Oklahoma Christian University students can grab a bite to eat before class or on the weekends.

Below are some of the most popular Oklahoma City and Edmond brunch spots, as voted on by Oklahoma Christian students. Responding via the Talon’s social media, students shared why they enjoy spending time at the city’s various restaurants.

Hatch – Oklahoma City, OK

Hatch, “Oklahoma City’s next-level breakfast destination,” is open daily at 6 a.m. and offers a variety of early morning food. Students can skip the line and wait from the comfort of their own homes by visiting Hatch’s website.

According to senior Taylor Dotson, “Hatch is great for that ‘Oh rats, I woke up at 2 p.m., where will I brunch,’ because they are open until 4 p.m. on Saturdays.”

Kitchen 324 – Oklahoma City, OK

Known for its freshness, Kitchen 324’s food is sourced locally and farmed sustainably whenever possible. According to its website, “it allows us to update our classic American Rustic cuisine with interesting new ingredients for bold new tastes.”

According to alumna Lauren Waugh, “I would recommend Kitchen 324 because it is a lot of really good food but also in downtown OKC. It is unique in location and food. Their Jonuts are like the NYC Cronut.”

Waffle Champion – Oklahoma City, OK

At Waffle Champion, students can try unique waffle sandwiches, from tiramisu waffles to chicken and waffles. Waffle Champion has counter-service eatery and offers outdoor seating.

According to junior Bailey Strecker, “I would recommend Waffle Champion to anyone who loves breakfast foods. The dishes they put together are not always what you would think of when you think of waffles. There’s definitely a sweet side of the menu and a savory side – both are really good.”

According to junior Justin McLeckie, “it has a great atmosphere and you can eat there in the morning and afternoon.”

Neighborhood Jam – Edmond, OK

At Neighborhood Jam, the most important meal of the day is prepared with “the goal to evolve the A.M. dining experience in the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas.” Committed to “Keeping it Local,” Neighborhood Jam is an “innovative breakfast destination that locals and visitors will flock to when they’re in search of a fun and unpretentious place to begin their day.”

According to Dotson, “Neighborhood Jam is great for weekday brunch, but weekends are crazy.”

According to alumna Mehgan Wagner, “Neighborhood Jam has great prices for the amount of food and is a relaxed setting.”

The Hash Retro Diner – Edmond, OK

Open six days a week from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., Edmond’s newest restaurant is now open for brunch and lunch. With home-cooked food along with an “incredible staff,” the fresh food and “great prices” appeal to those interested in a traditional American diner.

According to senior Ashley Holland, Hash’s atmosphere “is chill and their skillet hash is so good.”

Cheever’s Café – Oklahoma City, OK

A Good Egg Dining Group, Cheever’s Café “creates unique tastes and memorial dining” at its Oklahoma City location and “takes pride and joy in delivering true hospitality.”

According to senior Valeria Stanglin, “the chicken and waffles are to die for. They have a little spice to it.”

Café 501 – Edmond/Oklahoma City, OK

Known as a place to gather with friends, Café 501 offers “personalized options and service to each and every guest.”

According to Dotson, “Café 501 on Classen is boujee and cute. It is kind of pricey, but they have a great Denver omelet.”

Old School Bagel – Edmond/Oklahoma City, OK

By mixing its dough, curing it overnight and boiling it for 40 seconds before baking it to perfection, the result is Old School’s “fresh, dense and perfectly chewy old-school bagel.” Based off the famous New York City bagels, which boil bagels in a painstaking tradition, Old School said “this is a process we’ve meticulously replicated in our own stores to produce superior bagels.”

According to alumna Abby Caviness, “Old School Bagel is so good and inexpensive. It is one of the only places I miss in OKC.”

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