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Glass Animals and Denzel Curry Collaboration

Glass Animals and Denzel Curry have blended to create a perfect mixture of psychedelic indie and rap in their satirical collaboration “Tokyo Drifting.” This record came relatively out of nowhere and took most of us by surprise as it is Glass Animals’ first release since their hit album “How To Be A Human Being” in 2016.

Glass Animals have always been known for pushing boundaries with their music having fully embraced the label of “psychedelic” given to them from those within the musical community. Their music is comforting in a sense. The soothing beats and lead singer Dave Bayley’s voice fuse perfectly together. Choosing to incorporate Denzel Curry on their release was an unexpected yet lovely surprise. Curry and his underground rap lyrics and style perfectly complements Glass Animals in this song, making for a tranquil ambiance which surrounds you when you listen to this piece of art.

The song touches on both of the artists’ lavish lifestyles, Curry being a successful rapper and Bayley being successful with Glass Animals. In addition to their heaps of riches, they are still human, and as humans they still struggle and have flaws which need to be addressed. But with the spotlight on both artists, being vulnerable and having issues is seen as a sign of weakness to society.

Bayley addressed the meaning behind the song via Instagram.

“t’s a version of me that can do things i’m uncomfortable doing. wavey davey is like my messed up sasha fierce. he’s a geezer. a character from street fighter. he can dance. he parties like it’s 1999. he can take hits and he can fight everything the world throws at him. i think we all create that kinda character for ourselves to some extent. firstly we have to, to deal with sh*t. and then we have these curated versions of ourselves on the internet. edited, cool, distilled versions of us. all slightly super human, and ignoring all our vulnerabilities….but it’s not real, and it can drive you a bit mad bc you have to pretend life is always amazing and let’s be honest, sometimes life is sick but sometimes it isn’t.”

This is common amongst artists in this day and age. The “cool” thing to do is to act tough and ignore the flaws you might possess. No one wants to see your vulnerable weak side, so why show it? But that is not reality, so Bayley uses this song as a satirical jab at society to show us what their lives are really like compared to how it may seem to us as fans.

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