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“Kings of Leon” Concert Review

Kings of Leon (KOL) returned to their domain Friday, Sept. 27, putting on a free concert for 28,000 people in honor of the grand opening of Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City.

Located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City, Scissortail Park stretches over six acres and includes an amphitheater-style stage with a lawn overlooking the entire facility.

KOL are known for their dark yet sensual sound and the pure lyrical intellect behind each one of their songs. KOL may not have the boisterous stage presence of some bands, but if we are being true to ourselves, that is not their style. They overtake and captivate the audience with the grit and emotional depth behind each song.

For the first half of their songs, I just stood there with my eyes closed, singing the lyrics to myself and letting the music overtake me. Their lyrics started to resonate deep inside me and touched me in an unexplainable way.

It broke my heart a little to see the ignorance some have when it comes to KOL songs which are not “Waste a Moment” or “Sex on Fire.” These two songs are amazing, do not get me wrong, but they are anything from their best songs. These songs become popular more so because of the beat and sensual lyrics than the actual depth behind the song itself.

Although I understand bands have to appeal to the masses when it comes to performing,I would have liked to see them play more of their low-key yet lyrical songs than what they did.

The other two bands were mediocre at best. Steve, formerly known as Republican Hair, seemed to me like a bunch of fifty-year-old men going through a midlife crisis who decided to create a band, somehow stumbling into a limited amount of success. BRONCHO, who I have seen multiple times, let me down immensely. The audience was not into them, partially Steve’s fault, but they did nothing to revive the audience. They just stayed behind the comfort of the mic the entire time, not straying into the vastness of the unknown which is the rest of the stage.

I believe this new park and amphitheater has an immense amount of potential and getting Kings of Leon there for the first performance was a huge acquisition. I can now realistically see Oklahoma City becoming a marquee stop for well-known bands and artists, which makes me extremely happy.

All in all, apart from their setlist, Kings of Leon did not let me down. I loved their performance and the raw emotion they put into it. They truly did break down the “walls” of my soul and set my “heart on fire.”

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