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Field of Flags commemorates the OKC bombing

By Leah Sikes and Abby Bellow

On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh drove a delivery truck loaded with explosives to the front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. The blast went off at 9:02 and killed 168 people, including 19 children visiting and in the day care, and hundreds more were injured.

Soon after, McVeigh was pulled over for driving without a license plate and was also found in possession of an illegal firearm. He was placed in jail, where it was discovered that he was responsible for the bombing due to a police sketch.

McVeigh was executed on June 11, 2011. His co-conspirator, Terry Nicholas, was sentenced to life in prison.

On April 19, 2000, five years after the bombing,President Bill Clinton dedicated the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. The Memorial has 168 chairs, each with a victim’s name, a reflecting pool and two large structures, each displaying a time: 9:01 and 9:03, directly before and after the bomb.

Oklahoma Christian University creates its own memorial, the Field of Flags, each year in order to remember those victims who lost their lives in bombing.

For more information about the memorial and museum, visit their website. For more information on the Field of Flags, read the Talon’s post. Visit the FBI’s website to learn more about bombing and the aftermath.

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