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Spring Sing’s “Glory Days” Club Themes

On March 3-5, Oklahoma Christian University will put on its annual Spring Sing show. The overall theme for Spring Sing 2022 is “Glory Days.” Clubs have been tasked with recreating a past show by either reusing old themes or twisting them. 

Alpha Gamma Omega will recreate  “Star Wars” while Tri-Theta returns their former “Grease” theme. Delta Gamma Sigma will recreate “Lumberjacks,” which has appeared twice in their club’s history: once in 1998 and again in 2010.

Chi Lambda Phi, the defending champions, will recreate Batman and Robin from their third-place 2008 performance. Chi Spring Sing directors Trystian Broussard and Elijah Swaim said it deserved better.

“We debated on some other themes; however, Batman and Robin was the one that kept standing out,” Broussard said. “Both of us (directors) have always loved this show and believed it deserved better than the third place it got. We thought it would be fun to pay homage and try to give this show the recognition it deserves.”

Logan Miller, a director for Psi Epsilon, said this year’s performances took more effort than some realize.

“This year, a lot of clubs faced challenges they never had before, and I’m not sure everyone will realize that when they come to the show,” Miller said, later adding how the most prominent challenge for Psi this year was getting member participation. “I think this year every club deserves some praise for getting a show put together despite all the challenges that came up.”

“Cookout” is Psi’s theme this year, based on their 2019 performance “Breakfast,” which earned awards for Student Favorite and Best Lyrics.

The Freshman Class theme is a recreation of their 2009 theme “Christmas.” Director Meg Garner said they chose this theme for its fun and spirit.

“Everyone can relate to and understand Christmas, and Santas and elves are such fun, happy characters,” Garner said. “It’s fun to get into the Christmas Spirit and be reminded of such a happy time of year.”

Lambda Chi Zeta also plans for a fun show, according to director Erin Monroe. Monroe said the club looks forward to reviving their 2007 Flinstone’s show as “Cave Women.”

“We didn’t win with our past Flintstones show, but it was a very fun show we thought we could bring back in a new way,” Monroe said. “We really like how goofy, chaotic and fun cave women can be and we are stoked for our alumni to get to see this show!”

Iota Kappa Phi will revive their 2010 Kindergarten show. Director Jemma Arbuckle said Iota’s kindergarteners are graduating to become “Middle Schoolers” this year.

“Now, those little girls have grown up and are learning to conquer the weird transition into middle school,” Arbuckle said. “We hope our show takes the audience back to their middle school days and they can laugh thinking back on their glory days.”

Gamma Rho directors Macy Reynolds and Taytum Thompson went the furthest back in time for their theme “Sailors and Seagulls.”

“We are drawing all the way back to the original Gamma show in the spring of 1979,” Reynolds said. “We think going back all the way to our creation is a great way to bridge the gap between past and present members of Gamma Rho.”

“Kappa Kourtroom” is Kappa Sigma Tau’s theme, combining elements from a few of their past shows including the Cops, Criminals and Mailmen shows. Kappa director Carson Towns said it will be one to remember.

“Our hope is simply that people remember our show and talk about it long after the curtains close, for better or worse,” Towns said. “We believe it’s an original piece of work that will go down in history.”

Spring Sing opens with faculty and staff night on Thursday, March 3 at 7 p.m. Shows continue on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. Click here to learn more.

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