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Chi Lambda Phi wins Spring Sing

Chi Lambda Phi won first place for overall show at Oklahoma Christian University’s 53rd year of Spring Sing this weekend with their theme of garden gnomes. The women of Gamma Rho won second place, Lambda Chi Zeta won third and Iota Kappa Phi took home fourth place. 

Following the announcement of their win at the finale Chi Lambda Phi’s spring sing directors Will Hadley and Trevor Reed shared what they thought separated their show from the others and what it meant to them to win this year’s show. 

“We are brothers,” Hadley said. “We did not care if we won. If we didn’t win we would be just fine because we are brothers and doing this for each other because we love each other. That is what sets us apart, our love for each other.”

Both directors said the win helps to continue their club legacy during spring sing and that the win helped what they consider a down year for the club.

“It is our fourteenth time winning it,” Reed said. “We’ve done this twenty-one times, so it is just legacy.” 

“We had a down year this year,” Hadley said. “This is what we needed.”

This year SGA chose to sponsor Tenaciously Teal, a non-profit focused on providing support for people fighting cancer and their families. SGA raised a total of $7766 dollars for the non-profit. This money will go to things like groceries, gas and anything else families need assistance with. 


Best Blurb: Freshman

Best Banner: Gamma Rho

Best Lyrics: Alpha Gamma Omega 

Best Costume: Gamma Rho

Best Choreography: Gamma Rho

Best Vocals: Iota Kappa Phi

Most Original Show: Kappa Sigma Tau

Faculty Favorite: Chi Lambda Phi

Unity Award: Lambda Chi Zeta

Student Award: Alpha Gamma Omega

Audience Favorite: Gamma Rho

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