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What Spring Sing Means to Me

Have you ever tried to explain what Spring Sing is to someone who has no idea?

If you have, then you know how hard it is. If you have not, then do not. It will more than likely just confuse them and make them think you go to a very strange university. Spring Sing is unlike any other thing I have ever done or will ever do.

If I could go back in time, talk to high school Jenni and tell her she would really love this thing in college, which involved singing and dancing on a stage, she would have laughed in my face. All I ever wanted to do was play soccer. After playing on the team here at Oklahoma Christian University my freshman year, I decided maybe it was time to try something different. I had no idea this decision would lead me here.

Oklahoma Christian has given me the best four years. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime, grown in my faith, learned so much about how to love God’s children well and have been taught by professors I look up to in and out of the classroom. It has truly been an experience like no other.

Coming to Oklahoma Christian, I did not even know what Spring Sing was. I decided to do it because all of my friends were, and I loved every second of it. As each year has gone on, I loved it more and more. I had the privilege of directing a club show last year with a very good friend of mine, and it was the greatest experience.

I have loved every second of being the executive director this year. However, since I am not performing in a show this year, I only have one piece of advice to everyone who is: Enjoy it. You will never do anything like this again.

If you can tell me after Oklahoma Christian that you will still be doing something like Spring Sing, I would love to hear about it. Come talk to me. Assuming most people will not be, these moments fly by. You have put six weeks of hard work into your shows, one week to perform them and then it is all over.

Since it is show week, here is a little encouragement for you.

Freshmen: This is your only year to do it with both your guy and girl friends. Take advantage of this and have so much fun.

Sophomores: This is your first year in your club’s show. I hope it has brought you closer together with your club and friends.

Juniors: You only have one more year after this, so do not forget to cherish the little moments.

Seniors: Go all out. You will never do anything like this again.

Directors: Be so proud of yourselves, your show and the people in it. Go get a massage after this week is over. You deserve it.

I hope this week is full of laughter and fun for everyone involved. I am so proud of each and every group performing this week.

I am forever indebted to Oklahoma Christian and Spring Sing for helping me discover what I am capable of, teaching me valuable lessons and giving me some of my greatest college memories. I hope it will be the same for everyone else.

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