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Art department sizes: wait, what?

Oklahoma Christian University has a long-standing tradition of offering great class sizes and quality professors, and this is just as true for the art and design department. As a senior in the department I’ve been able to see the effects that individual attention and personalized instruction has had on my progress while here at Oklahoma Christian. The art and design department has made it possible for students to learn not only from their teachers but also professionals in their prospective career fields.

This semester, I am taking a painting class that is taught by Chair of the Department David Crismon, who has had his contemporary works featured in the Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, Texas. It is encouraging to have a professional critique your work and give pointers to your technique.

Scott Hale is currently teaching the senior capstone class for those majoring in communication design. Mr. Hale is able to offer this year’s seniors a more unique perspective than just solid design; in years past, seniors have struggled in presenting their works at the end-of-the-year senior design banquet for the art and design department. Mr. Hale specializes in typography, two-dimensional design and public speaking skills that will launch the graduating seniors into their career fields prepared.

All of the teachers have poured their energy and souls into the students of the department. However, with all this positive work and heightened productivity in the department, it is inevitable the department would hit a wall. Currently the wall inhibiting the department from producing better work and a higher level of community is the ratio of students in the department to the size and quality of our facilities.

The department of art and design is the third-largest department on campus, yet it is split with half of the facilities off campus and half on campus. Most of the fine art classes are stuffed into Eagle Crest, a place where blank walls and cold drafts feed the creative minds of the department. For those willing to make the trek, Eagle Crest can be found behind Blockbuster. The other half of the department is spaced across campus in the Garvey center. On campus, the department uses the open Mac lab and the three classrooms before the exit sign in the east side of the building. Of the three rooms, one is devoted to interior design, leaving two classrooms for the third-largest department on campus.

Our professors have proven their commitment year after year by producing some of Oklahoma City’s most desired new designers—it is only fair to allow our teachers to instruct future art and design students in an environment that matches their credentials and their needs to prepare students for their respective fields.

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