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Behind ‘Unplanned’ Short-Lived Twitter Account Ban

The pro-life, Christian film “Unplanned” made a surprising splash opening weekend, ranking among the top four movies released last weekend and pulling in more than $6.4 million.

“Unplanned” follows the true story of former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson. After witnessing an abortion performed during the 13th week of a pregnancy, Johnson changed her mind and became a pro-life activist.

Johnson worked for the Planned Parenthood organization for eight years and was moving her way up through the company. She proved dedicated to the cause. Johnson was awarded the Employee of the Year prize in 2008 and was one of the youngest clinic directors in the country.

During her career, Johnson was asked to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion.

Johnson wrote an editorial published by Fox News outlining her experience:

“The fetus was 13-weeks-old and I could easily see its head, arms, and legs. The abortion instrument––a suction tube––was on the screen as well. The baby jumped away from it but it was all for naught. The abortionist turned on the suction and I saw that baby get sucked apart right in front of me on the screen and inches from the probe I was holding.”

Johnson continued:

“In mere seconds, that fetus’ life ended and the screen only showed a black, empty uterus. The life that was there just a couple minutes ago was gone. In that moment, I saw for myself what I was supporting for the last eight years and it broke me.”

Directors and cast members alike were shocked when the movie broke through all expectations. The shock is well deserved. Who would have thought such a movie would have success in this decade?

Drama has followed the film since its beginning, and the movie’s success staggered when its official Twitter account was suddenly suspended on Saturday.

The suspension was short-lived after individuals like Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear, Fox News journalist Shannon Cream, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Vice President Mike Pence voiced their disdain.

However, according to Twitter, the ban was unintentional and not a direct result of the account’s content. Twitter told sources another account had violated Twitter rules, and the official account got caught in the firestorm as linked accounts were investigated.

Twitter quickly reinstated the account and rewarded all of its original followers.

Yet, shortly after its reinstatement, the official “Unplanned” Twitter account tweeted links including the phrase “WWG1WGA”––a slogan for Qanon, a pro-Trump conspiracy theory. One of its biggest claims involves Special Council Robert Mueller secretly working for President Donald Trump.

While the tweets were removed, the account had already received several replies from Qanon supporters––further hinting at an agenda.

The “Unplanned” movie’s original ban is already odd. Twitter seemed to provide futile excuses for the significant error, which could have been avoided entirely. However, the conspiracy tweets become an issue falling on the “Unplanned” Twitter account manager.

Whoever is running the official account is clearly sympathetic to Qanon, which has no place on the film’s Twitter page.

The tweets and affiliation to the conspiracy theory should not be a reflection on the movie, but the account manager needs accountability for what they are choosing to post.

This film has the ability to impact millions of individuals and soften hearts to the reality of what abortion truly entails. Lives will be changed and perhaps even saved by the film’s message. The weight of its potential impact cannot and should not be risked by someone choosing to selfishly affiliate with something outside the movie itself.

Social media managers have a greater role than they often give themselves credit for, and it is crucial they positively represent their organizations in order to widely promote the values these organizations represent.

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