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Christianity in the new decade

With the new decade rolling in, it is exciting to think about what the next ten years have to offer to us all. New struggles, new triumphs and new discoveries are on the horizon in the next ten years. As this new decade approaches, a question I find myself and my friends asking each other is where is Christianity headed?

This is a question I have wrestled with a lot leading up to 2020, and one I am sure I will still struggle with throughout the decade. Struggling with faith is something I think is going to be a trend that everyone sees a lot more in 2020.

I could be wrong, but a majority of the people I surround myself with have all taken a step back at some point to take a hard look at what they are putting their faith into. I do not mean to say this is a bad thing, because I do not think it is. Any faith struggle someone endures has the chance to make them a stronger Christian from it.

However, I believe the sheer amount of information available to everyone in today’s society fosters the trend of questioning. We are one of the first generations to live in the age of information, which means we are also one of the first generations to have to deal with the repercussions of all that information.

I think this trend is only going to grow in the future. We as Christians need to be prepared for it, or we could lose people trying to find their faith.

I think in the coming years, kids will be affected the most by this.

Kids are getting access to the internet younger than ever, and whatever it is they decide to intake is shaping the way they think about things. In my mind, there is almost no way to combat this. The internet is immediate access to any and all information they want.

This will become an issue simply because no one has had to deal with it yet. 2020 will bring the first few generations who have known technology as something which has always been around. Although there will always be a gap between generations, technology makes the gaps bigger.

The best way I think we as Christians can keep up with the trend is to keep an open mind. As someone who struggled with my faith for a long time, I can attest having an open mind can be a game-changer. I was able to talk to my parents about my doubts, and them being okay with me having doubts had a huge effect.

It is easy as Christians to close off radical ideas, or simply just not think about them. However, I think confronting the hard-to-answer questions is what will continue to bring people into Christianity in an age where it is not popular.

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