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College athletics deserve your attendance

Most college students have only four or five years to make all the memories of college they will hold onto for the rest of their lives before they are sent into the world of jobs, taxes and learning to be a real adult. Because there is such a small window of time to enjoy the college experience, it still baffles me how many students choose to sit in their dorm rooms rather than participate in the different events on campus, specifically attending the athletic games.

While Oklahoma Christian University may not be a Big 12 or SEC Division I powerhouse, it is still home to 12 NCAA varsity sports, with men and women’s swim teams beginning competition this year.

The Eagles and Lady Eagles have won 56 national championships, with 29 of them coming in the last six years, and Oklahoma Christian has been placed in the top-10 national all-sports standings for six straight years.

More than 250 student-athletes can be found almost everywhere at Oklahoma Christian and in every major, yet some on campus still do not realize their peers are members of the basketball, cross country or soccer programs. The Student Government Association has done an outstanding job of promoting the different athletic events on campus this year, and while Flight Club and Delta Gamma Sigma have created a student section at the basketball games, there is still work to be done.

As a member of the Lady Eagles softball team, I can testify to the amount of hard work student-athletes put in as collegiate athletes. Between juggling academics, practice and early morning workouts, missing classes for games and still trying to remain involved on campus, it can be difficult to find a balance. But, after attending different musicals, recitals and intramural games on campus, while also going to see Spring Sing each year, it can be disheartening to look up during a home game and see only a handful of students, along with our team’s parents, in the stands.

With spring break quickly approaching, several of the Oklahoma Christian athletic teams will stay on campus for games and practices, while their peers are at the beach, traveling home or skiing in the mountains. Several are not allowed to participate in homecoming, Spring Sing or intramurals, yet still attend to cheer on their fellow students and volunteer to work the various events.

While athletic events may not be for everyone, coming to support a fellow classmate or club member as they achieve their dream of playing a collegiate sport is most definitely worth the sacrifice of giving up an hour or two of one’s time, especially when it means so much to the athlete to see support from their campus community.

Just as it would be discouraging for a poor attendance at Spring Sing, it is the same for athletes at their home games after they have put in so much hard work and are finally getting the opportunity to perform on their own field or court. It is time to follow SGA’s example and reward the student-athletes on campus for their hard work and dedication to Oklahoma Christian by supporting them in all of their endeavors.

All Oklahoma Christian games are free for students. Schedules for various teams can be found online at

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  1. Doni Allen Doni Allen February 22, 2017

    Well said- Have a great season!

  2. Doni Allen Doni Allen February 22, 2017

    Have a great season!

  3. Kevin McElyea Kevin McElyea March 1, 2017

    Couldn’t agree more, and hope your 2017 season goes well for you and the team. My oldest daughter lettered all four years as the catcher for UTSA Roadrunner Softball. She is now the head coach there. While it is not like when she was playing, we do love the game and go to see them play as much as possible. I’m a long-time friend of Charles Curbo and we plan to try and see you guys play when your down in central Texas.

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