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Confessions: fact or fiction?

Written by: Taylor Gordon


Everyone has secrets. Usually they are never shared with anyone, or maybe just shared with a few close friends. The new trend on college campuses is to share your darkest secrets with anyone and everyone who may come across it, but here is the kicker: the posts are anonymous.

As you may know, Oklahoma Christian has now joined the ranks of colleges across America with our own OC Confessions Facebook page. Yes, it may be a little behind the times, but we’re catching up just fine.

Personally, I came across this page just last week while listening to Usher. Coincidence? I think not. I even noticed some of these “anonymous” posts are a little too revealing … yes, we know who you are. I have read through some of the posts, and most sound like counseling may be what is needed instead of just “sharing” (and yes I am calling this “sharing” in quotes, because the whole point of actually sharing something is to put yourself on the line). Some of the posts are stupid, some are funny and some can be deep.

I’ve talked to a lot of people who aren’t fans of our confessions page; most people I talked to have said they feel as if it makes Oklahoma Christian look immature and that we look like spoiled brats that aren’t appreciative of what we have. I have even seen posts from prospective students that say our page is changing their mind about coming to school here.

My biggest problem with the  page is that some of these people seem to be crying out for help. But how are we to help these people when we don’t even know who they are?

So, maybe my real problem is that these people don’t feel comfortable sharing with their fellow students.

I think that’s the saddest part of all. We are supposed to be a community, not just as a school, but also as Christian brothers and sisters. This is the community that we are supposed to feel most comfortable with, not a social network page where your struggle just becomes a number. I have found my inner circle of friends, and I truly feel as if I could share anything with them and that they will support me and help me through any struggle that I may have.

I don’t know the true intentions of the OC Confessions page; maybe the intentions are supposed to be good, just light-hearted fun to complain about the stupid fines we have to pay. I mean, we all need to let out some of our built-up frustrations sometimes. But some of these posts might be real, so why don’t you use the page to spark some conversation between you and your friends and just see what they might confess if they were to write a post? It might be interesting or at least lead to a good laugh.


Taylor Gordon is a sophomore at   Oklahoma Christian University

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