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Demolition leaves students homeless

My husband and I found out about the closing of Phase 2 via email in May.

I graduate in December and we had planned on living there until then. When we were told we had to move out before the end of June, we were shocked. We paid rent through the summer and planned to live there through the fall semester. More so, when we contacted Residence Life for a refund on summer housing, they were  unaware of the situation.

Oklahoma Christian University generally communicates well, but this was not one of those times. Oklahoma Christian gave us two options: move off campus or move to Tealridge. Tealridge is a great place, but it’s not exactly the environment a newlywed couple is looking for.

Moving off campus was not ideal either; most apartments off campus require a one-year lease, and we planned to leave Edmond in December. After lots of searching with no results and a few Facebook posts expressing our frustration, we received an email from Neil Arter saying the school would do anything it could to help. We responded and told him that finding a new apartment and moving in 30 days is quite the task, but didn’t receive a response.

Later we asked if Oklahoma Christian might be able to help with moving expenses. We never heard from anyone at Oklahoma Christian again but were finally able to find an apartment that was within our budget and had a shorter lease. Over $1000 and many nights of moving later, we were in our new apartment.

Overall, we were extremely disappointed with how Oklahoma Christian handled the situation. It seemed as if they didn’t have a plan for the residents and didn’t care to go out of their way to help. It was very disappointing that no one followed through on offers to “help in any way they could.”


Kyleigh Geary is a senior at Oklahoma Christian University

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