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Hear Me Out

I have worked for the Talon since the beginning of my freshman year, and it has not come without challenges. The best challenges, however, are the questions.

I constantly receive questions and emails and comments about my articles. Many times the questions are geared toward social justice, race and politics. While I am not an expert on these topics, I have decided to start a column to harness these discussions and share them with the public. 

I have spoken and written before about the power of words in writing, social media posts and most of all in everyday conversation, how the words we choose or refuse to utilize each day have an immense effect on the people around us and our capacity for changing society. This semester, I want to use my words to make an impact, even a minuscule one, at Oklahoma Christian University and wherever else people read the Talon.

I want to listen to you, hear your questions, thoughts and concerns about any topic. Please feel free to ask questions about deeply personal topics such as race, politics, gender, spirituality conflict and absolutely anything controversial. I would also love to give advice and write about entertainment. Anything you can think of to ask me is fair game.

We all have different stories and different perspectives on the world around us. Each of us has something to offer one another. We all give different advice, encouragement and information. I want this weekly column to act as a forum for anyone to inquire about my perspective as a Jesus-loving, black, nearly-college-educated woman in America. 

Candor and vulnerability will act as the core tenants of this column. I plan to share my entire perspective on any subject with this community, delving into topics I have never considered, researching and gaining an understanding from other people.

James chapter 1 says, “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” At times I struggle with this passage more than any other verse in the Bible. When asked a question, I often feel as though I have a responsibility to deliver a quick, intellectual answer. But this is not what God requires of us. He wants us to listen. 

In the spirit of listening, I will read all of your suggestions and comments about my writing. I will listen to and seriously consider every question submitted. In return, please read my entire article before making assumptions about me and my viewpoints. Hear me out.

I plan to approach every topic with love. Through his word, God begs us to use wisdom and discernment in our conversations. Listening more than speaking. Understanding more than reacting. Through the implementation of this column, I will have the chance to think critically about difficult topics, examining myself and the world around me more intuitively.

I hope every person at Oklahoma Christian gets something out of reading my column.

To submit a question or a topic of discussion, DM me personally on any social media platform, DM the Talon, email or send an email to Your question or comment may remain anonymous. Make sure to mention this request at the beginning of your submission.

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