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How to survive Spring Sing

Spring Sing is here. As Oklahoma Christian University students voluntarily place themselves into bondage and trade their personal lives for shin splints and bruises from attempted cheer stunts. No other event is as insulated and Christian-college specific as Spring Sing, and trying to explain it to “outsiders” without it sounding like some kind of Polygamist-Mormon musical is difficult indeed. But if you are into the whole group-costumes and blatant plagiarism of copyrighted music and movie characters (whoo!) then here are some of my personal tips on how to make your Spring Sing experience a successful one.

1. Pick a solid theme: I think it’s time clubs move away from themes that are “cutesy.” I’d like to see some hard-hitting shows. You could do some witty lyrics about the Great Depression. Or how about something educational for the kids? A show about bacteria and viruses could incorporate some rad hip-hop moves.

2. Faces: Any self-respecting Spring Singer knows a good Spring Sing face is key to a strong performance, and to distracting the audience from one’s overwhelming lack of rhythm and general body coordination. A good rule of thumb for a proper Spring Sing face is to look like your face is literally melting off. You can get some inspiration by Googling “people high on bath salts.” If you achieve this facial expression, I guarantee everyone will be dazzled and nobody in the audience will even notice you accidently knocked down every single person in your can-can line!

3. Glitter: You can never have too much glitter on your face to really make your stage-presence pop. In fact, just pour some all over your head and body for a more professional effect. So what if it gets in your contacts and you scratch a cornea? Nobody ever said attaining glory was easy.

4. Sacrifice: Keeping up with everything is going to be hard. You are going to have to give up sleep. But it’s OK, because that’s what espresso and 5-hour Energy shots are for. Just don’t operate machinery or try to drive on the highway. Like, at all.

5. Temperature control: Those stage lights are really hot, especially when your costume weighs two pounds and is made entirely of felt. Find ways to keep cool during your performance. Sonic ice is both portable and can be put under your wig for maximum coolness! You might want to put extra treads on your shoes to avoid slipping in water puddles.

6. Keep some perspective: In the midst of Spring Sing madness, it’s easy to develop club rivalries and pettiness. You can avoid this by remembering you are parading around on a stage wearing a costume made of hot-glue, pompoms and cut-off sweatpants. When you think about how stupid you look, you will have a harder time being critical of others.

7. Have fun: As ridiculous as it may be, Spring Sing is an excellent time to bond with fellow club members, meet new people and get in shape. It’s a fun tradition and an integral part of the Oklahoma Christian experience. Enjoy it for what it is, and try not to take it too seriously.


Suzanna Sawyer is a senior at Oklahoma Christian University



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