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Serve and be served through missions

“Home.” “Grows.” “Mission.” These are some of Oklahoma Christian University’s slogans.

But are they true? Maybe it’s just a pretty marketing slogan but after being here for three years, I know these statements to be genuine. While at Oklahoma Christian it’s almost impossible not to get involved in missions.

I’ve had many chances to serve others in college, both domestically and abroad, and a few have been particularly life-changing. Last year I was blessed to travel to Ghana, Africa with the Memorial Road Church of Christ. My next adventure was this past spring break in Aquilles, Mexico with the Edmond Church of Christ. Most recently, I was able to intern for the Park Avenue Church of Christ in Denison, Texas. We went to serve those affected by the storms in Moore and work with the Refuge, an urban ministry in Oklahoma City. One thing  these experiences have in common is this: the more we’re pushed out of our comfort zones, the more we grow and bond with each other. These are the times we cling to God the closest; because we have to.

Nothing has grown me like serving others through missions. The Lord has truly molded my heart. You set out to teach Christ’s love by feeding the hungry, comforting the hurt or lonely but every time, the people I set out to help give me so much more than I give them. I’ve been spiritually fed, been emotionally healed, found comfort and closure and been taught more than I could ever learn inside of a school or church. You pour into others but you end up being filled by those you’re serving, your mission team and the Spirit.

I remember sitting in chapel when the speaker caught my attention. He said he was going to give us advice, but it was dangerous. He told us he prayed God would break his heart for that which breaks his. I decided to take this dangerous advice. I am forever changed.


Michelle Adams is a senior at Oklahoma Christian University

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