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The COVID Diaries

A few months ago, I joked about how I would be the one from the Talon to get COVID for content, and unfortunately, that prediction became a reality for me. I’ll start by saying COVID sucks. It is most definitely something I would recommend people avoid if they can.

My concern started when I started having a slight cough. I knew there was no reason for me to be coughing, but I could not shake the tickle in my throat no matter how many times I tried. Since my cough started to worry me I texted a friend I have hung around a lot recently to ask how he and his roommates were feeling. My friend informed me two of his roommates had just tested positive and the others tested negative. Once I heard the news I had a gut feeling and not the kind you want, so I woke up my parents to tell them the bad news.

The next morning, I woke up early and went to go get tested for COVID. Contrary to popular belief, they no longer shove the cotton swabs up to your brain anymore. The test was painless and I got my results back in fifteen minutes. The doctor was cool, but I became concerned when he told me the only medicine I would receive is cough medicine, considering I felt like death was knocking at my door for a few hours. The doctor also informed me I wouldn’t be allowed to leave quarantine for ten days at the minimum.

So, my room has become my own personal dungeon for ten days. Just me and COVID in a battle of attrition. All joking aside, it is not a sickness to be taken lightly. I am symptomatic and the symptoms can be brutal. I either have the chills no matter how warm I should be, or I am completely drenched in sweat. My fevers have been hit or miss topping off at about 101. I’ve been taking Tylenol as often as I can.

I’ve had to set multiple alarms throughout the night so I can take medicine as often as possible to keep my fever down. Without any shred of a doubt, my worst symptom is muscle aches. Running a 5k without any prior preparation is what I would compare my muscle aches too. They leave me feeling weak and exhausted. Apart from those symptoms, the only other one I’ve had is a lack of taste, which is quite hindering when you don’t have any appetite to begin with.

Most of the time these symptoms come and go. I can feel pretty good for an hour and the next hour be completely throttled and feel awful. It is very comparable to the flu, but COVID is more intense and comes on faster than the flu in my non-professional opinion. I believe most people can handle what COVID throws at you, but for people who have weak immune systems, COVID could do serious harm.

If I could give any advice to people about COVID it would be this; the second wave is not something to be brushed off. It is very real and no matter how healthy you think are, COVID will humble you, so avoid it.

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