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Top three travel locations

Every year there are different lists published about the top places to travel. Anyone who knows me knows I love to travel. I have moved 10 different times and lived all over the country. Growing up this way contributed to my love of travel. My family has moved every two or three years since before I was born. I have visited some incredible places, either on vacations or in the process of moving. These are my top three favorites:

  1. Alaska: There are three schools of thought about the state – people either hate it, love it or don’t know anything about it. There is no in-between. I personally love it. I lived there for two years, and I think someone can enjoy the state no matter what age they are, but I think children and middle-school age kids enjoy it most. The snow is more magnificent and the endless sun in the summer is more amazing when you are young. The cold doesn’t bite as much, and the hot chocolate tastes fantastic. In Alaska there is so much to do. The tallest mountain in the United States, Mt. McKinley, is located in Denali National Park. Local food is a treasure. It may sound weird, but my favorite thing to eat in Alaska is a reindeer sausage from a street vendor downtown.
  2. Hawaii: My family went there for spring break one year. Hawaii is a place you want to visit, but not stay. We were at a resort and did all the touristy things. We visited a volcano and a large outdoor market. We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center and participated in a luau. But my favorite part of Hawaii was the beach. Sand between your toes is just the best feeling. The weather also tends to be great in Hawaii. I love afternoon rains, and there are plenty of them. On the not-so-bright side, there are a lot of bugs in Hawaii. Large spiders and other six-legged creatures are the main reason I would not want to live there.
  3. New Mexico: I graduated high school in New Mexico. If you ask about my high school experience, you will wonder why I liked New Mexico at all. But the state itself is a wonder. You know you are really a New Mexican when you can’t eat most foods without green chili. It is a staple in the area. There are also so many things to do around the state. Santa Fe has old shops and a historic district that is fun to walk around. In the southern part of the state, there is Carlsbad Caverns and Roswell. Even if you don’t believe in aliens, Roswell is fun to visit.

Travelling is important. Whether you travel around the state, around the country or around the world, there is much to learn from your travels. Take any opportunity you can get to see new things and have new experiences. It can change your outlook on life and change you.

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