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We want gossip

Did you hear about the new website launching next week? You can search for it at The purpose of the website is to help us keep track of who dated whom over the weekend. Instead of using old-fashioned gossip techniques – like word of mouth – you will be able to immediately get all the details in one convenient location.

Did you hear about the freshman dating that senior? What about the couple that starting dating after a few weeks of first meeting each another? How long do you think that one spring break relationship is going to last?

How many of you thought of various couples in your heads?

Believe it or not, I wasn’t thinking of anyone when asking those questions. But why then did three couples just pop into your heads? I will tell you why – Oklahoma Christian University is full of nosy, gossipy people. I’m not saying this is a horrible thing (maybe I am), just stating a simple fact.

Ever follow a couple on a first time date? I know I have. No, I haven’t followed their every move and sat at the table next to theirs at the restaurant. However, maybe I “happened to be getting Sonic” and ran into the first daters. What about calling them the second it was finished to see how every detail went? Ever sit next to a new person in chapel and get asked a million questions? It’s impossible to have a private social life at Oklahoma Christian. One dinner, movie or ice cream run with someone of the opposite sex and you instantly receive questions of marriage and children. Ever heard of just hanging out?

Being at a small school can have many positives and negatives. I didn’t realize that the small family feel could also bring obnoxious family questions. I feel as if I’m back in Iowa coming in from a date and then answering a hundred questions from my mom and dad and four teenage siblings. But did we really ask for our lives to be talked about 24/7 by our peers when we came to Oklahoma Christian? We attend classes together, chapel together, lunch together, dinner together and even live together. We need something to keep us entertained; it might as well be our friends’ love lives (even if those love lives don’t exist).

I hear some people say this gossipy nosiness is obnoxious and uncalled for. I also think these same people may enjoy it. Who doesn’t like to be the center of attention? If you chose to go on a date (or hangout) with someone of the opposite sex in a place where Oklahoma Christian people could see you, you deserve the snap chats, pictures and texts. Oklahoma City is a big place; feel free to run and hide.

The truth is, we all attend a small private Christian University. A Christian University that I love. The friends that become our family just want the best for us (even if it means asking obnoxious love and dating questions). The questions and maybe periodic stalking comes with dating at Oklahoma Christian. Just don’t forget to invite us to the weddings, because we were there for all of the dates (or at least heard about every single one of them).

I bet most of you have searched for the noted website. It indeed is not a real website, however I wouldn’t be surprised to find it someday.

Erica Edwards is a junior at Oklahoma Christian University

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