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Welcome to Spring Sing-mester

My back hurts, my arms are tired, my energy is drained and I can’t get the new song that I learned last night out of my head. It’s that time of year again: it’s Spring Sing.

Anyone and everyone can admit that Spring Sing is a way of life here at Oklahoma Christian University. It’s something that is planned for nearly a year, talked about for months, rehearsed for weeks and gone in just a few days.

The argument to participate in Spring Sing is like a sub-par script for a bad romantic comedy: “Do it because you’re going to make so many new friends and meet so many people.”

My argument: do Spring Sing because you’re going to be a part of history.

For almost half a century, people have put on ridiculous amounts of make-up, embarrassing costumes, waved their arms around (but never their hips), and fought for the prestigious trophy, also known as bragging rights.

This week marked the first official week of practices across campus. If you’re looking for a little push to do Spring Sing, let this be it.

Don’t be like me: the kid who was “too busy” to participate in the fourth-place Finding Freshmen show in 2013, and “too stressed” to dance full-time in the third-place Frankenstein and the Monster show in 2014. This year, nothing is holding me back from making up for my absence in the last two years of this wonderful production.

Believe me, I regret not participating in Spring Sing my freshman and sophomore year, and you will too.

With all of the chaos that this semester brings, let Spring Sing be your getaway to be with your friends, do a little dance and laugh until you cry for the next five weeks.

Be on the lookout, I’m aiming for front row this year.

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