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Why does Spring Sing matter?

The banners are hung. The lyrics are approved. The hosts are ready to serenade and the clubs are prepped to perform. The entire community buzzes with anticipation – Spring Sing is here.

I have no qualms or concessions when I say that I love Spring Sing with every fiber of my being. Every single moment has a special place in my heart. The epic intro video, the Unity Award, late-night lock-ins and each club’s immortal traditions all coming together to create an event that equals more than the sum of its parts.

But not all share my sentiment. Students across the campus roll their eyes at the mere mention of Spring Sing. Some professors do not hide their distaste for Spring Sing and the its accompanying week. They might feel it’s overrated, cheesy or unnecessary, like a hyper-zealous party guest overstaying his welcome.

Allow me to tell you why Spring Sing is so special to me.

At no other point in the year is it so acceptable—nay, expected—to behave like a complete goofball. Yet, intense discipline is also required in order to make the most of the entire experience. It’s what I call the “structured stupidity” of Spring Sing. The entire event is a delight for people who are equally left-brained and right-brained, like myself.

This is the week where an introvert can jump onstage without any real fear of embarrassment or anxiety. It allows someone who typically lives inside his or her head to put on a show.

Spring Sing also allows club members of different disciplines to get a piece of the pie. One can perform full-time on stage, design and create costumes, develop choreography, sketch and paint the banner, make snacks for other clubs, film the blurb or simply rock out as a part-timer. Spring Sing is an all-inclusive affair where you can discover new talents or cultivate your skills.

Some might complain that the show is predictable – that it’s the same thing again and again. That very constancy is what I find to be so fun.

I can’t wait to hear Kappa croon “Already Gone,” and Theta’s shows are always a wonderful testament to the cohesive spirit of the club. I love it when the lights dim and the Chi Scotsmen get in formation for the jig, and Gamma’s awesome can-can never fails to astound. Pi’s theme is hysterical and I know they’ll do it justice and Alpha’s enthusiasm and exuberance are always infectious.

I’m looking forward to a stunning debut from Phi, as well as the collaborative efforts of the Upperclassmen. Iota’s nerdy-knees are a force to be reckoned with, and I’m excited beyond belief to perform with my fellow members of Psi. And the Freshmen always put on a fun show that is a great indicator of things to come.

Moreover, Spring Sing gives everyone the opportunity to make someone else’s day. Clubs take the stage, perform the “structured stupidity,” and if they did their job right, each person in the audience is smiling ear to ear. It’s a night of laughter and applause. For two hours, people can sit in Hardeman and enjoy a fun, completely innocent extravaganza. Sure, Spring Sing is fun for the people onstage, but the real pleasure comes from making someone else’s day.

So, yeah, I love every bit of Spring Sing and I’m not ashamed. I hope to see you at the show this year.

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  1. Jodie Jodie March 3, 2016

    As a parent I look forward to watching the show. It also allows us to remember being a little “crazy” when we were younger as well

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