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Yoga pants and fashion crises

When the University sent out an updated dress code to the students, everyone, no matter male or female, immediately took to social media to voice their opinions. Yoga pants have become a key part of young women’s collegiate style, though most of those wearing the comfortable pants have never participated in a yoga class in their life. They are just the easiest to pull on when you wake up at 7:52 a.m. for your 8 a.m. class.

Along with this new rule came another rule that made everyone cringe: “You must wear shorts over yoga pants when wearing them around campus.” I am not the most fashionable young-adult woman who has ever walked Oklahoma Christian University’s campus, but I know what is right and wrong when I channel the mind of the late Alexander McQueen. I totally understand that wearing shorts over leggings has been deemed acceptable, but only if done correctly. Shorts over yoga pants, though?

I understand the whole, “Spandex-ed derrieres cause for lustful eyes,” but is that exactly the fault of the person wearing yoga pants? In most cases, they are wearing yoga pants because of the comfort level, or, a less likely reason, because they are actually going to a yoga class. Sometimes college women just do not want to wear a dress and heels to class.

My one criticism about wearing yoga pants is that it is always some form of the same outfit: baggy OC shirt, UGG boots, Victoria’s Secret yoga pants and a comfortable hoodie. There is no variety, and for that reason I am grateful for the new dress code enforcement — although, calling it “enforcement” is loose. Thus far, I do not know of any female who has gotten in trouble for wearing yoga pants. However, I will personally hand over a citation to the first person I spot wearing shorts over the fearful yoga pants. Just put on jeans, ladies.


Kelsey Cantwell is a senior at Oklahoma Christian University

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