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Basketball season on the horizon

Cold weather is not the only thing kicking off this week at Oklahoma Christian University. The men’s and women’s basketball teams will kick off their season tomorrow against York College Nov. 2 on Homecoming weekend.

Junior basketball players Harrison Martin and Katie Mayo are both looking forward to the season and the prospect of their teams’ potential.

“I am very excited,” Martin said. “I feel like this could be the best year Oklahoma Christian has had since I’ve been playing here.”

Mayo said the chance of getting to play alongside her friends and compete in the sport she loves is what has her excited. She says her primary goal this season is to play as a team and get wins.

“I’m grateful to be able to get the opportunity to play the sport I love with some of my best friends,” Mayo said. “My main focus this year is playing team basketball, I think my main goal is to just go win games with my team.”

With the men’s team heading into their first season with new head coach Kendre Talley, Martin remains confident in the team and the changes Talley has made.

“I think having Coach Talley around will change a lot,” Martin said. “He’s the type of guy that demands a lot of structure but isn’t afraid to let us play. If somebody is having a career night, he’s going to be sure and capitalize on it.”

With an unusual number of scorers capable of creating their own shot, Martin said the depth of the team is going to be a threat. The roster this year has a staggering seven seniors.

“The team is looking really solid,” Martin said. “Not only are we a tight-knit group, but every position has a dominant threat. It is not often you see a team that can score as many ways as we can. We’re definitely going to put on a show.”

Both players also boasted about the work ethic of the teams this year and say they are hungry for wins.

“What I want people to know about the team is how much work these guys have put in,” Martin said. “As far as extra hours go, it is insane how much we’ve been in the gym this year. It would be great to see people come celebrate the work we’ve put in to put a championship-caliber team together.”

“We have worked really hard and are ready to go out and represent our college to the best of our abilities and are super excited for this upcoming season,” Mayo said.

Mayo and Martin appreciate and encourage fans to come show support of the Eagles during this new season.

“We really appreciate all the fans that come out, and a big crowd can really change the environment,” Mayo said. “It helps us stay upbeat and competitive throughout the game. Fans are a huge deal in basketball. The more we have the better the game will be. It makes it more fun and more enjoyable to watch. Come out to the games, because we really love all the support from everyone.”

“People should come to the game this year because this team is guaranteeing you wins,” Martin said. “Grinding like we have is going to show on the court. If you want to see big plays and big wins, you’ll be in the Nest this season.”


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