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Eagle of the Week: Nov. 24 – Dec. 1

Senior basketball player Dedrian Parmer Jr. is Eagle of the Week for the second time this semester following a standout performance against Texas A&M-International on Saturday, Nov. 23. Parmer shot 11 of 11 from the field, making him the second Oklahoma Christian player to do so. Parmer also had a double-double against Texas A&M-Kingsville on Thursday, Nov. 21, with 15 points and 10 rebounds.

Parmer answered a few questions regarding his performance.

What was your mindset going into the game against A&M International?

My mindset is the same every game, and that is to do whatever I can to help my team get the win. Whether that means get every rebound, get every steal or make every shot. I just want to get the W and have fun while doing so.

How does it feel being the second player in OC basketball history to have perfect shooting in a game?

It feels really good, honestly. It meant a lot to me seeing all my family, friends and teammates happy for me. I was so wrapped up into winning the game that I didn’t even realize I didn’t miss a shot that game until the announcers said it. It is also an honor to be mentioned in the same conversation as John Moon.

What goes through your head when you’re playing lights out like you were?

Again, it goes back to my mindset to just want to win. I just wanted to make the right decision every time I touched the basketball, whether that was scoring or passing and getting my team involved.

The first time you were Eagle of the Week you told me you wanted to be the best to have ever worn an Eagles jersey. Do you think you’re making strides in that direction?

I do believe I am making strides in the right direction, however, to be one of the best you have to win. As soon as we get on a roll and start getting these wins, then I will feel like I am making tremendous progress towards that goal.

With the season a little further along than the last time you were interviewed, how do you feel the students are in regard to supporting the team?

I feel that the students are actively involved. I have had a few more students reach out to me via email or in person and tell me that they enjoyed watching us play. I hope that they continue to come out because we appreciate all the love and support. It makes it fun when your school is behind you. We can feed off their energy as well as our own.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

My favorite Christmas song is simple. It’s “This Christmas” by Chris Brown.

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