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Oklahoma Christian Softball Versus the World

Oklahoma Christian University Softball is playing both Team USA and Team Mexico in two seven-inning scrimmages on Wednesday, Feb. 10.  

Sophomore Karrah Dean commented on the opportunity.

“Playing these teams is a once in a lifetime chance,” Dean said. “It’s truly a blessing.” 

Outfielder Hannah Pate agreed with her teammate.

“It’s awesome, the idea of playing these high caliber teams,” Pate said. “Especially Team USA which everyone dreams of being on; that team is surreal.”

Excitement around the program is at a high. Players and coaches alike understand the significance of these games and are not taking the chance for granted. 

“Every softball player has dreamed since she was a little girl that she would be able to be one of those girls on the USA or Mexico team, or at least get the privilege to play against them,” Dean said.

Senior Brie Dunckel agrees.

“It is truly a once in a lifetime chance,” Dunckel said. “We have a good team and I can’t wait to see what we can do.”

Dunckel spoke about her team’s goals during the scrimmages.

“We use scrimmages to improve and work on things,” Dunckel said. “This is different in the teams we are playing but the goal is still the same: get better and win, really.” 

Since these games are scrimmages they do not count against the Eagles’ overall record, but they do give them the chance to see where they stack up and learn their strengths and weaknesses. 

However, just because these games are scrimmages does not mean the players and coaches take them lightly. 

“We obviously want to win. That’s always the goal when you step out on the field,” Dean said. “Yes, it’s a scrimmage but we owe it to make the most out of this opportunity.” 

Pate agreed with this mentality. 

“I, along with the entire team, am thinking of it as a real game,” Pate said. “That’s how we think of most scrimmages, especially this one.”

 As usual, hopes are high around Oklahoma Christian Softball. Coming off a 21-5 overall record before the season got cancelled in 2020, the Eagles are currently pre-season No. 13 in the AP coaches poll and ranked No. 1 for the Lone Star Conference. This team looks to do something special in 2021.

Dean spoke about the abilities of her teammates.

“Each girl is so talented in their own way and that is something really special for our team,” Dean said. “I cannot wait to see what our team can accomplish against these teams.”

Dunckel also spoke highly of her team.

“We have confidence and know we can compete against them,” Dunckel said. “We are just going to play our game and the rest will take care of itself.”

The Eagles’ big double header takes place on Wednesday, Feb. 10, a huge day for the Oklahoma Christian softball team, and they look to make the most of it.

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