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Back-to-back road trips force Eagles past breaking point

“I’m just glad it’s over,” Men’s Basketball Head Coach Dan Hays said after the Eagles suffered five losses in 10 days on the road. They finished with a 95-60 loss to Dallas Baptist University Saturday afternoon.

Hays said the team’s energy level was depleted before taking the first step onto the Dallas court.

“We are just totally exhausted from a 10-day stretch where we played five road games, five cities and we just didn’t have any legs,” Hays said. “Plus we are playing a very, very good team where if we are going to play with them we’re going to have to have fresh legs.”

The 10-day streak started in Goodwell, Oklahoma on Jan. 7, followed by a game in Lubbock, Texas two days later. A trip to Odessa, Texas on Jan. 11 was added to the schedule to make up for a canceled game during finals week of the fall 2015 semester. Three days later the team traveled to Wichita, Kansas and finished in Dallas Jan. 16.

“After the miles and miles we’ve been through, this is the most draining trip I’ve ever been on,” Hays said. “We are glad it’s over and looking forward to being home.”

The Dallas Baptist Patriots swept past Oklahoma Christian University by using 3-pointers and rebounds to their advantage. They recorded 15 shots behind the arc and 41 rebounds in comparison to the Eagles’ three shots behind the arc and 33 rebounds.

Oklahoma Christian worked to keep up the rigorous pace and kept John Moon on the court for 36 minutes, the longest amount of time of any player from either team.

Moon scored 19 points for the Eagles and made three blocks and three steals. Cameron Peters elevated the team with 14 points and four rebounds while Deric Shelton added 10 points of his own and Chiza Ntirata pulled down five rebounds.

“We competed and tried but as a team we just couldn’t get much going,” Hays said. “We had some individuals who did good things but as a team not much.”

The Eagles trailed 43-32 after the first half and failed to stop DBU from adding 52 points to the board in the second half, while Oklahoma Christian finished the game with a 35 percent shooting accuracy and 15 percent behind the arc.

Hays said the team is nearing the home stretch and relying on the home court advantage as the season concludes in the end of February.

“Eight of our last 12 games are at home so hopefully we can regroup and play a little better,” Hays said.

Oklahoma Christian hosts the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith on Jan. 21 at 7:30 p.m.

Statistics provided by the Oklahoma Christian University Sports Information Office.

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