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Soundings hosts 2019 Unveiling

Soundings, an Oklahoma Christian University student-run journal, which benefits the arts, recently released its 2019 edition. They had a reveal party on Saturday, April 6, at the Oklahoma City Zoo. The Unveiling was comprised of lectures and readings by those who were published in the journal as well as staff members.

“At Soundings’ Unveiling, several students were given the opportunity to showcase and receive awards for their art,” Junior Brendan McKinley said. “My favorite parts of Unveiling every year are the poetry readings and visual art displays.”

After the readings and displays, the annual journal was unveiled.

“The journal itself was revealed at the end of the night,” McKinley said. “Everyone in attendance got a free copy.”

According to McKinley, Soundings gives a pedestal to the artistic talents at Oklahoma Christian.

“Soundings is a really excellent representation of the artistic talent on Oklahoma Christian’s campus,” McKinley said. “It provides a critical outlet for students to engage in artistic expression.”

In addition to the unveiling and awards, the event provided entertainment for the attendants.

“The Soundings unveiling was an exciting night that brought together many creative thinkers from the OC community,” Junior Carly Davis said. “We ate yummy snacks, listened to beautiful jazz from Logan Banister that complemented all of the writers who read their poetry or prose for us and just enjoyed the perfect spring evening.”

The prizes and awards handed out at Soundings were determined from a number of categories.

“Some were rewarded prizes for their pieces in the categories of photography, poetry, prose and visual arts,” Davis said.

The contributors to Soundings said they view it as an essential dynamic to Oklahoma Christian’s campus.

“Soundings brings an importantly unique aspect to OC because they encourage artists to not just create but to share their creations,” Davis said. “The art culture of OC is small and tight-knit, but many students who were published in Soundings are not just English or art students.”

Their process for accepting poems, art pieces and any other literary forms into the journal has been described as intense by Davis. Not everyone who submits a piece makes it into the journal.

“Soundings welcomes anyone who is able to express themselves to unite, empathize and support one another,” Davis said.

Soundings is available free of charge. A copy of the journal can be picked up in the English department, which is located on the second floor of the Mabee Learning Center.

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