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Bobette Buster Coming to Oklahoma Christian to Speak

Bobette Buster is a creative powerhouse who wears multiple hats—professor at Northeastern University and a consultant to Hollywood companies such as Pixar and Disney Amination. Buster will speak at Oklahoma Christian University on Friday, Feb. 21, at 5:30 p.m.

Buster is bringing her expertise in faith and art to her first ARC (Art Religion and Culture) event. In the past, Buster was involved in Ted Talks and the Q Conference. Now she is taking her knowledge to Oklahoma Christian.

“Buster does narrative consulting,” professor Ellie Kirkner said. “She takes stories, looks at what these companies have and shows them how to make it better and how to pull narratives through that are going to connect to a wide audience at an intimate level.”

With deep Christian roots, Buster was a part of Rachel Held Evans’ top 100 women to look for within the faith community.

“I found her through Rachel Held Evans’ top 100 women speakers of faith that you need to be looking for and talking to,” Kirkner said. “Buster was No. 11 on that list. I saw this list around the times we were starting to build ARC. We were looking for someone who can talk about the intersections of art, religion and culture in an informed way.”

Since many graduates go on to work in mostly secular communities, ARC was created to provide artists and designers a way to incorporate faith into their profession.

“OC’s ARC Talks series brings together the intersection of arts, religion and culture,” the Oklahoma Christian website says. “Exploring how our beliefs and communities inspire creativity, and inversely, how Christian artists and designers can act as influencers within a global market, OC’s Department of Art + Design brings you this exclusive, inside-look into the creative arts.”

Buster will touch on many topics close to her.

“Bobette is going to lean into her vast experience in Hollywood and within these large companies,” Kirkner said. “She is going to show us how imagination and creativity are key elements to faith and to strengthening one’s faith and how fear of art and fear of culture can in fact kind of separate us from the ability to create or to inspire others. We have a lot to look forward to.”

Buster has the ability to inspire people of all backgrounds, according to Kirkner.

“My hope is that people take a look at how our narratives sort of bleed into our own lives,” Kirkner said. “What I mean by that is, within the past year OC has done a rebranding with our new tagline being, ‘The world awaits your story.’ With that, the big point that we have to look at when Bobette is here is she is one of the leading powerhouses behind telling your story and what is your story. Not only the legacy of OC, but what is our legacy as students, faculty and as staff that are a part of this community.”

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