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Cabaret completes tour in Texas

In an effort to recruit prospective students, Oklahoma Christian University’s Cabaret went on tour March 8-11 to Texas. After the Cabaret performances, which took place in February, the cast took a break in preparation of the tour, which began March 8. The group traveled to Houston, TX, before performing at the Memorial Church of Christ March 9.

Sophomore Austin Peace said he was surprised at the outcome at the performance. Peace sang the solo “When I’m Not Near the Girl I Love” from the musical “Finian’s Rainbow.” He said as someone who loves getting to know new people, he enjoyed staying with the host families the crew stayed with while touring.

“We’re just a pretty small act from a small Christian college,  but we had hundreds of people at every performance,” Peace said. “I love getting to know new people—getting to be exposed to the generosity of others. Just getting to know them, even though you’ll probably never see them again. That’s really cool to me.”

The crew traveled from Houston to Fort Worth, TX the following day, performing at Fort Worth Christian Academy, which is a private Christian school. The show at Fort Worth Christian was the last performance on the tour and the last performance of the show.

Junior Patricia Jeffries performed in Cabaret for the first time this year with her solo “How Could I Ever Know” from “The Secret Garden.” She said she would describe her last performance as the best one.

“During the show Saturday night, we were performing one last time with everyone,” Jeffries said. “We were constantly laughing and having a great time. I think that was the best part.”

Jeffries said her favorite group performance was the opening number, “Someone in the Crowd” from the movie musical, “La La Land.”

“It was a lot of fun to learn,” Jeffries said. “It was the piece we actually did for the audition. That was fun to kind of relive the emotions of the audition through learning the choreography again once we got to rehearsals. It was just upbeat and fun the whole time.”

For freshman Adam Allen, this was also his first year performing in Cabaret. Allen sang “Close Every Door” from the musical “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” as a solo and performed the duet “Agony” from the musical “Into the Woods” with Trevor Reed. Allen said this was his favorite piece.

“I got to perform it with one of my best friends,” Allen said. “It was just fun, because we can make people laugh, and that’s what I like to go for. “I thought the tour was really nice, because we got to enjoy getting closer to each other. We got to spend a lot of quality time with each other, which was fun.”

Junior Sydney May performed in Cabaret this year for the third time. She performed the solo “Still Hurting” from the musical “The Last Five Years.” As this year marked the first year the singers performed with the jazz band, May said she liked having the band perform with the group.

“It was cool having them on the specific songs, because we could not do a Hamilton song without a band, you know?” May said. “It would not be as effective.”

Sophomore Abby Lauxman performed for Cabaret singing her solo “On My Own” from the musical “Les Misérables.” This was her first year in Cabaret.

“It was a great first experience,” Lauxman said. “I have never done any type of show before. It was really neat to do.”

For freshman Cade Deister, this was also his first time performing in Cabaret. He sang “What Chance Have I With Love” from the musical “Louisiana Purchase.” He said the group worked very well as a team.

“My favorite piece was probably “Out Here On my Own”—the group number,” Deister said. “That one was really cool hearing everyone really get into the song musically, and there was a lot of emotion in that song. I always said if we could record a song, it would be that one, because that one sounds so good.”

Deister said he encourages everyone to not miss out on next year’s Cabaret performance, whether as participants or as part of the audience.

“Come to Cabaret next year,” Deister said. “It’s going to be really good.”

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