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Campus Spirit Committee strives for more student involvement

Netflix, club activities, intramurals—there are more excuses to miss a social event than ever before. The Oklahoma Christian University Campus Spirit Committee is making the best excuses a thing of the past. 

Senior Grace Simpson, the head of the Campus Spirit Committee and president of Flight Club, has orchestrated student involvement in both campus athletics and school associated fine arts events. 

In a recent interview with the Talon, Simpson discussed the organization’s roles, what they plan to achieve and their impact on the student body. 

What is the main purpose of the Campus Spirit Committee?

The main purpose of this committee is to get as much student involvement as possible at athletic events and fine arts events. Campus Spirit is focused more on the fine arts events whereas Flight Club, which is a committee within Campus Spirit, is more focused on the athletic side of things. We meet on Wednesdays at 8:15 p.m. in the business building.

What has the Campus Spirit Committee incorporated and accomplished already this year?

As a committee, we held an event at the inter-squad swim meet last Friday, where we gave away tank tops to the fans and swimmers. We also brought donuts and water bottles to the cross country meet during the first week of school to show support. 

What are a few things to come from the Campus Spirit Committee?

We have two events for the drama department coming up in November. We also have several events coming up for the sports that participate in the fall, including two send-offs, one for the golf team and one for the cross country team. We are also hosting a large event for the soccer team’s senior day on Nov. 9. Our biggest event is coming up on Oct. 15 for the basketball team. The event is called Late Night Madness, and its main goal is to hype up basketball season with the kickoff of their first official day of practice. We will be tailgating before the event and have tons of giveaways, a Snapchat filter, a DJ and much more.

How does the group affect OC’s student body?

This group’s goal is to incorporate all different aspects of the student body to two common grounds, athletics and fine arts. We want to support the main two entertainment groups on campus and try to reach as many people as possible, bringing both clubs and athletes together.

Who can join the Campus Spirit Committee, and how can the student body get involved?

Anyone is welcome to join the Campus Spirit Committee, and anyone looking to make that jump can contact me through myOC for more information. You can also participate by being in attendance for both sporting and fine arts events. 


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