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Celebrate Women’s History Month with Women Who Lead

The month of March is Women’s History Month and Women Who Lead are hosting events to celebrate. The event invites women to listen to keynote speakers and participate in workshops which drive women to Christ. 

Communications director for Women Who Lead, Micah Burk, said the workshops are a great opportunity to celebrate historical women. 

“I think it’s so important to take time to come together as women to celebrate, grow, honor, and invest in each other,” Burk said. “There are many things that divide women, but this is a time to unite together, set aside the differences that pull us apart, and embrace the factors that make us unique.”

On March 24, Jeanine Amapola kicks off the first of two women’s history month events with a workshop and dinner. Keynote speaker Grace Valentine will speak on March 30, closing off the women’s history month events. 

Burk said it has been interesting to see how God has orchestrated this year’s speakers for women’s history month. 

“I know it will be so powerful to come together, relating through our struggles, and learning that we are all fighting the same wars,” Burk said. “Both Jeanine and Grace are like big sisters and I’m so excited to see the ways the Lord will touch the hearts of our incredible ladies through Jeanine and Grace’s words”

The ideas and events stem from Women Who Lead creator Kimberly Merritt, who is a professor of business. Burk said Merritt sparked the ideas for Women’s History Month and has helped carry out the tradition of celebrating women. 

“Investing in, equipping, and believing in the next generation of women is something that has been placed on her heart for a while,” Burk said. “I think the success of our events and our club is a direct result of her obedience to the Lord and her response to seeing a need.” 

Women Who Lead has been a club at Oklahoma Christian University for three years and started events like this to discipline the next generation of female leaders. Junior Carolyn Clark said this purpose is what drew her to the events. 

“I’ve recently loved the idea of women who take initiative in areas that do tend to be more masculine and how we as a whole are stepping up to continue to show how women can bring our skills to the table,” Clark said. 

Clark said she is looking forward to meeting new people who share the same values as a female leader and seeing what it means to be a woman who leads. 

“I feel like events like this show everyone that we don’t just celebrate women’s history in spirit, but we do so by being together and putting on events to not let the celebration die,” Clark said. 

Burk said the success of the Women Who Lead club and their events has grown tremendously, and it has been wonderful to see how far it has come in three years. 

“There is something so powerful about a united group of Christ centered women,” Burk said. “We have honestly been so overwhelmed, in the best way possible, at the huge growth of the organization this year alone. So many girls have asked how they can be involved in Women Who Lead.”

Tickets for the Amapola Workshop and for the keynote speaker Valentine are still on sale here and are open to anyone. 

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