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Chi Lambda Phi takes home the trophy: Spring Sing Results 2016

The men of Chi Lambda Phi placed first for their portrayal of Alaskan Eskimos in 2016 Spring Sing: Land That We Love.

“This year we were all just about having fun and we all had the same mindset,” David Paul Kritz, one of Chi’s directors, said. “Even though people might not believe it Spring Sing is never about winning for us. After the Saturday night performance we went second, we went back into the gym and we just lost it. The feeling we got after stepping off the stage after our Saturday night performance was far more satisfying than hearing our name called for the trophy.”

Following in second, the women of Iota Kappa Phi as the Witches of Oz from Kansas, third, the men of Kappa Sigma Tau as The Outsiders from Oklahoma and the men of Psi Epsilon in fourth as the Democrats and Republicans of Washington, D.C.

“I know all the clubs have worked so incredibly hard and to be the ones that got second is such a big deal for Iota,” Hayley Waldo, one of Iota’s directors, said. “Everyone in Iota loved the theme and the moves and the songs, and that would have been enough for me. We wanted to create a show that was relatable, funny entertaining and a blast to be a part of. Winning awards feels awesome, but that’s what was really important to me.”

Iota Kappa Phi took second place in Spring Sing. Photo by David Waldo.
Iota Kappa Phi took second place in Spring Sing. Photo by David Waldo.

Theta Theta Theta took home the audience favorite award, voted on by the audience members at each performance, for the second year in a row as the Ringling Bros of Wisconsin.

Thursday night, the Freshmen as the Minnies and Mickeys of California won the Tealridge award, given to the favorite club of the residents of Tealridge Christian Retirement Community.

Tuesday night, the clubs voted for their favorite show by another club, which was awarded to The Upperclassmen as the Cowboys of Texas.

The women of Pi Zeta Phi snagged the unity award, which is given to the club who is the most uplifting and encouraging to the rest of the clubs throughout preparing for Spring Sing.

The rest of the awards were judged by faculty and staff members on Thursday. The results are as follows:

Best Banner: Theta Theta Theta

Best Lyrics: Psi Epsilon

Most Original Show: Phi Omega Nu as the Pilgrims of Massachusetts

Best Video Blurb: Chi Lambda Phi

Best Choreography: Chi Lambda Phi

Best Costumes: The Freshmen

Best Vocals: Iota Kappa Phi

Faculty and Staff Favorite: Iota Kappa Phi

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