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COVID-19 protocols hitting and missing the mark

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, guidelines continually adjust to the evolving coronavirus. While some protocols have succeeded with easy outlets to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines,  other protocols have not succeeded.

Oklahoma Christian University has implemented CDC guidelines to make sure students can attend in-person classes as long as possible, which was exciting to sophomore Kayla Yowell.

“Being in person is very important to me because Oklahoma Christian is my dream school and I would not change it for the world,” Yowell said.

These guidelines have helped keep up some form of normalcy, Yowell said.

“I am so grateful we get to do things like Spring Sing, even with all the guidelines,” Yowell said. “We are still trying to keep all the traditions alive while still being safe.”

Efficient as the guidelines may be, other students, such as senior Julie Pekrul, have experienced some negative outcomes from these daily rules.

“I feel like you should not be infringed upon to have all these rules,” Pekrul said. “Cities around us are beginning to lift the mask mandate and I think you should personally be able to decide whatever you want to do.”

With time, new protocols have adapted to the frequent shifts in the coronavirus, and it has provided for a smoother transition. 

“We have a much faster process of being tested for COVID-19 and I now have the ability to know as soon as possible if I have COVID-19 or not,” Yowell said.

Student safety alongside a high quality education is a top priority for Oklahoma Christian.

“Oklahoma Christian is telling me loving my neighbor means distancing, wearing a mask and not getting to be as social, and stopping and hinduring your whole life,” Pekrul said.

Some students feel the COVID-19 guidelines have impaired their learning process at Oklahoma Christian.

“With my learning disability, it is hard for me to do virtual classes,” Yowell said. “I much prefer to be in person because I want to be able to see the material and work with my hands.”

The protocols were immediately put into effect at Oklahoma Christian when COVID-19 began, and through a trial and error process the campus adapted to the consequences.

“Everybody really wants to be safe now compared to last semester where I thought a lot of people did not really care until they saw what COVID-19 could do,” Yowell said.

The guidelines will always have a disapproving output as they are put into action around campus for the safety of the staff and students.

“When we were at home last March, a lot of learning stopped for people and almost no one learns from home very well,” Pekrul said. “The majority of people cannot work in the at-home learning environment.”

There is room for growth on the Oklahoma Christian campus and students like Yowell know this is only temporary. 

“We just have to move forward and think positive,” Yowell said. “You should be grateful for other things compared to what is happening around us.”

Oklahoma Christian learned to implement safety guidelines in publically active areas on campus like The Brew, classrooms and quarantine housing. Preparation is frequently in progress and has contributed to the importance of community.

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