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Design class makes connections one field trip at a time

One design class at Oklahoma Christian University is taking their creativity outside the classroom.

Introduction to communication design, a course for majors within the art and design department, allows students to make connections with businesses and designers by taking field trips in the Oklahoma City area every Friday.

Sophomore Abi Parette said she looks forward to attending the field trips each week. Parette said her favorite trip so far was to the Oklahoma City Zoo.

“My favorite field trip we went on was to the zoo,” Parette said. “We got to hang out at the zoo all day because the project we are working on right now is making a poster for endangered species, so it was cool to go to the zoo because you can get a lot of ideas from that.”

Another student enrolled in the course, sophomore Shay Stegmann, said when they are not attending field trips, in class each student presents various forms of their personal artwork and are critiqued on it.

“We have a field trip every Friday and our other class periods are filled with critiques,” Stegmann said. “So we don’t work in class, we just work on our own time and then we will present our work to the class and we get feedback of what we’re doing right as well as what we are doing wrong.”

Parette said the critiquing process is very beneficial. According to Parette, the course has helped prepare her to be critiqued in the workplace.

“I can talk to my friends that are in the class and say, ‘Hey what should I change on this?’” Parette said. “But in class it’s going to be people that you are not friends with that are going to have different experience levels from you and the people you hang out with all the time, so you get their feedback as well. In addition, O’Keefe’s feedback is always really helpful.”

Stegmann said the field trips open the students to new, creative experiences. According to Stegmann, the field trips allow the students to learn about the creative process in the real-world.

“My favorite field trip was going to ICG where the first thing you see when you walk in is a ball pit and a slide that goes down into it,” Stegmann said. “All the people that work there are really involved and really were involved with us. They showed us a lot about the creative process, which other places didn’t really do. But they took it from the beginning to the end, which was really cool.”

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