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Fall break is back at Oklahoma Christian

On Oct. 14 and 15, Oklahoma Christian University will take a fall break after a year without it due to COVID-19. The fall 2020 break was cancelled in hopes to keep students from travelling and spreading the coronavirus as well as to allow time for a shorter semester.

Junior Kolton Johnson said he feels like the break is needed even more than it was last semester.

“Not having a fall break was like running a marathon but not having a chance to catch your breath,” Johnson said. “I felt really burnt out not having one last year.”

Oklahoma Christian took out fall break to minimize student travel to higher risk areas for COVID-19 and fight the spread of the coronavirus on campus.

“I think OC has done well with balancing the fall break with ending the semester early as well,” Kolton Johnson said.

Sophomore Leah Franklin said she is glad for some time to rest during a crazy semester.

“Without a break, I feel like college students are significantly more overwhelmed,” Franklin said. “Just the thought of not being able to rest till the end of the semester is stressful in and of itself.”

The fall break will allow students to carry out plans for vacations or rest.

“Having a fall break I think has made the middle of the semester a bit more bearable because it gives us something to look forward to,” Kolton Johnson said.

Junior Abby Johnson said she will use any kind of break she is offered.

“I have missed having time off,” Abby Johnson said. “I plan to travel out of state with my friends and just enjoy time with them.”

Classes will take a pause over the break and resume back on Oct. 18. Abby Johnson said she will be prepared to resume classes when with the length of the break.

“I think the break is just enough time to recuperate and then come back with enough rest to bounce back into the swing of things,” Abby Johnson said.

Kolton Johnson said the workload this semester has caught up to him faster than he anticipated. This has led to worries of not having enough time to rest over the break.

“In my opinion, a couple of days is not enough,” Johnson said.

Abby Johnson said even though she likes the length of the break, she understands why some wish for one extra day off.

“There are always going to be those who wish for an extra day or two, but I know how stressed everyone has been lately,” Abby Johnson said. “I completely relate to needing more than your average weekend off.”

Franklin said having enough time for mental health recuperation will be helpful for finishing out the rest of the fall semester.

“I have heard from students that it has been detrimental to their mental health,” Franklin said. “I feel like Oklahoma Christian really does understand the importance of a break and I appreciate that they have gone out of their way to create a space where the students can rest.”

Fall break will go from Oct. 14 to the 17, giving students a long weekend to catch up and refuel for the rest of the fall semester.

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