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Fall rush comes to a close

Oklahoma Christian University’s social service club induction night occurred on Friday, Sept. 10 as each club welcomed in new members.

During the rush season, rush directors like Gamma Rho’s Chandler Jones planned many events for rushees.

“We wanted the rushees to feel like celebrities during the rush season,” Jones said. “We planned our events around different Hollywood red carpet parties.”

Jones’s partner during rush season, Stephanie Heredia, said their planning led to the induction night’s activities, including placing rushees in club families.

“It was really rewarding to see how excited the new members were to uphold their family names,” Heredia said.

Carolyn Clark, a sophomore rushee, went to many of these rush events and said rush season was a great experience.

“My rush experience was amazing,” Clark said. “It got a little stressful at times but I loved getting to meet new people and find the club that was best for me.”

Jones said she wanted to share the great rush experience she had with the rushees.

“Gamma did a great job with making us feel like we could be our complete selves,” Jones said. “We wanted the rushees to feel as loved and welcomed as we did. And we believe that we achieved that goal.”

Clark rushed Iota Kappa Phi and said the communal atmosphere was present throughout the different clubs during rush season.

“I think the club is important because it helps students have a group of people whether it be small or large to come to and laugh, talk and share experiences,” Clark said.

Keeping unity with clubs is something Delta Gamma Sigma rush director Braden Wright said he finds important to avoid rivalries.

“I have strong relationships with people from all sorts of clubs,” Wright said. “I feel more connected to people in a club rather than outside because I know they, just like me, joined clubs for the relationships.”

Last year, the fall rush season dealt with stricter COVID-19 guidelines which altered induction night.

“There were definitely still some traditions that they weren’t able to do because of COVID-19,” Heredia said. “This year, with the help of the rest of Gamma, we were able to uphold those traditions and it was a fun and new experience for both old and new members.”

Induction night has been a tradition of rush season for years and has left lasting impressions on those who graduate.

“We had an alumni randomly drive by while we were around the pond at the front of the school and he stopped by to introduce himself,” Wright said. “It was really cool to see that he still felt connected to the Brotherhood and I know it demonstrated to our new guys that the bond we say we have is true even after school.”

Clark said Iota showed her a new perspective on the college experience.

“The sense of community was great,” Clark said. “I really felt like these girls would welcome me and make me feel like I’m actually part of Iota, and they did not disappoint.”

The rush directors for the 2021 rush season created different themes to draw rushees in, but Jones said attraction is not the main focus of rush season for them.

“Their happiness was at the forefront of our minds,” Jones said. “Whether that happiness came from rushing Gamma or rushing another club, we’re just excited to know they found a place and sisterhood that loves and welcomes them.”

Wright said he hopes all future rushees consider going to as many rush events as possible to have the full effect of the club atmosphere.

“You might just be surprised by the clubs that end up appealing to you,” Wright said. “Not every club is defined by their stereotype; the diversity of individuals is real.”

In welcoming new members into their chosen clubs, induction night brings a new college experience for all who rush.

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