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Kerygma Conference hopes to “build bridges between gaps of communication among congregations”

Kerygma Conference, an annual Oklahoma Christian University tradition, is bringing attention to the power of Scripture with this year’s theme passage 1 Corinthians 2:2-5.

Oklahoma Christian University and Hope Network will present the Kerygma conference — created by preachers for preachers, on March 27 and 28. Attendees will come from various places in Oklahoma, West Texas, South Texas, Dallas and Houston. Oklahoma Christian’s Director of Church Resources Grady King envisioned Kerygma as a tool for preachers to give and receive encouragement.

“I hope this conference will bless, encourage and renew preachers,” King said. “As a teacher, this conference keeps me grounded in the reality of what it means to serve as a preacher. Preaching matters and should be taken seriously.”

King said he believes preachers need to understand one another from various aspects of communication, theology and discernment. King said he hopes to build bridges between gaps of communication among congregations.

“For the Greeks, kerygma was the word used for the content of a proclamation,” King said. “For disciples of Jesus, kerygma is the core message of God’s salvation history being fulfilled in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. Throughout history, the revivals of God’s people and the great movements of God have had two indispensable dynamics of prayer and proclamation.”

Oklahoma Christian Bible major Joshua Turpin said the conference provides opportunities for knowledge and faith growth among those who attend.

“I believe events like this are beneficial to Oklahoma Christian’s campus,” Turpin said. “I took homiletics last semester, also known as sermon preparation and delivery. One of our discussions was the notion that preachers can easily stand still in their own ways of doing things and their sermons can turn too similar. This conference will allow preachers to rejuvenate their sermons and challenge themselves to grow as leaders and speakers.”

Fellow Bible major Jake Doberenz said he believes this conference will help ministers by giving them practical, real-world advice to help them continue to evolve as effective leaders.

“It is not just lectures on theology or what the Bible says — it asks applicable questions for preachers to mediate on,” Doberenz said. “All educational institutes should seek to have extra learning opportunities that bring practicality to ministry.”

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