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Ethos policy changes highlight smaller alternative chapels

Due to recent changes to the Ethos program, smaller chapels are becoming more prominent on the Oklahoma Christian University campus.

Choosing a small chapel to attend is an abrupt change, especially for those who previously attended big chapel five days a week. With countless Ethos options, here are some available small chapels on Thursday and Fridays.

With a final attendance count of 145 last week, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) seems to be trending in a promising direction. Held on Thursdays in The Nest, it is open to all students, not just athletes.

“FCA is a time of fellowship and devotion for students of all backgrounds,” Oklahoma Christian University junior and one of the FCA leaders Kellen Rowe said. “It is not just for athletes either. We want everyone to come to FCA.”

No matter what your faith background is, Rowe said FCA will welcome you with open arms.

“We want to meet you where you’re at,” Rowe said. “I got involved with FCA in high school, and I have seen the impact it can have on students, so we welcome anybody regardless of your current faith. We just want to meet you where you’re at.”

Held on Fridays in Scott Chapel is “Faithfully Ever After”. Bible professor Mel Latorre leads this chapel.

Faithfully Ever After talks about how to have a faith-based relationship according to the Bible. It addresses topics such as sex, marriage and dating from the standpoint of college students.

“I really like Mel’s approach on how to have a Christian relationship and follow the Bible in your romantic life,” Oklahoma Christian junior Andrew Biggers said. “Although I do not agree with everything Mel says in chapel, I do find it intriguing to hear someone speak on a topic that I find interesting. Mel does a great job in addressing both sides: people who want to have a Christian relationship and those who do not.”

There is a choice of chapels for everybody. In addition to FCA, chapels offered on Thursdays include Safe at Home, PLC chapel, Missions chapel, education department chapel and Taking Sides chapel.

On Fridays, in addition to Faithfully Ever After, iBlack Student Union chapel, Beam chapel and Great Songs chapels meet.

The times for all the chapels mentioned are 11:00 a.m., and the location for each one of these can be found on the Ethos app or online on your MyOC account.

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