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Picture this: gaming and animation program ranked 29th nationwide

For the fourth time, The Princeton Review named Oklahoma Christian University one of the top colleges for gaming and animation across the nation.

“We are a unique environment for gaming and animation,” Jeff Price, chair of the gaming and animation program, said. “We are on the blade of cutting edge technology and are really focused on storytelling. This is not just a technical degree, its an artistry degree. We teach what people want to see in portfolios.”

Oklahoma Christian’s gaming and animation program ranks 29th among colleges from all over the world, according to The Princeton Review.

“Finding out we are ranked again makes me really excited,” senior gaming and animation major Stephanie Bonney said. “I was thrilled by what the program had to offer even back when I decided to come to OC as a freshman. I wanted to come to a school that has been top ranked for many years and is basically Ivy League for this program.”

Gaming and animation students learn about the software creation and artistic development process that is required in their field.

“The first three years you have to learn the basics, but senior year we have full creative ability to do what we want,” Bonney said. “While I’m amazed by the artists I see from other schools, I think at OC you get more of a connection and understanding for why you want to do what you do.”

While Oklahoma Christian is the highest-ranking university in Oklahoma for the field, Price said that the program is still growing.

“We are currently in the process of doubling the size of our labs, so students will have more access to get in and use the equipment,” Price said. “With the expansion we can offer more classes. Our department is growing, so having the new lab will be good for us to grow into.”

In the new lab, there will be televisions set up around the room, high-end software and more specialty equipment such as 3D printers and etchers.

“In terms of upgrades and fun equipment, that is going to be huge of us,” Price said. “It’s going to really set us apart from other schools.”

With the new renovations, the program will transition into using more physical hardware, which Price said will make each student more marketable in the work environment.

“We will be partnering with major companies, like GE Oil and Gas,” Price said. “We will be working on virtual reality projects, which will make learning more hands on.”

Last year, the gaming and animation department was giving a $50,000 donation to upgrade equipment. This year, the department was given a $160,000 donation for the new lab.

Construction for the new lab is already underway in Vose Hall, on the northeast corner of the campus mall.

Examples of current student portfolios can be found online.

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