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Piper Bridwell art show extended to Oklahoma Christian

Oklahoma Christian University invited Oklahoma City artist, Piper Bridwell, to share her newest collection of works in an art gallery on campus. The gallery was extended throughout the month of October for the campus to enjoy.

Bridwell partnered with her mother, Janie Tigert, to create this collection based around animals represented in scripture.

“I created the body of work for the show,” Bridwell said. “I wanted the abstract to show the variety of colors and show the fact that not all works from one artist need to look the same.”

Bridwell said they wanted to tie scripture into the title of each piece of art.

“We loved seeing people open their Bible apps and look up the scriptures with each painting,” Bridwell said. “Using scripture in the titles is one way to get people curious and into the Word.”

Junior Tess Sawyer heard about the art show from her professors in the art and design department.

“When I first saw the art, I was amazed with all the colors used,” Sawyer said. “It is so bright and cheerful.”

Bridwell’s art has been shown in galleries in over 15 different countries, but most of her art is in her personal gallery in Oklahoma City.

Bridwell grew up in Oklahoma, attending school at Oklahoma Christian Academy when she was younger. Bridwell said Oklahoma Chrisitian gave her the opportunity to share the mission of her art with younger artists.

“When I was asked to show at Oklahoma Christian, I was excited to share it with people who ‘get it’,” Bridwell said. “Not everyone is accepting of my faith, and it was a nice change to get to share freely to students who understand what I’m talking about when I say my inspiration is from the Spirit.”

At the art show opening, Bridwell spoke to the art and design students at Oklahoma Chrisitian. Sophomore Roxy Franks said she was inspired by the message Bridwell shared at the opening.

“When she finished her talk and we were left to walk around and look at the art, we looked for the tiny crosses in each piece,” Franks said. “It was like a fun game to play where you would get really close to large paintings and be wrapped up in the bright colors.”

Sawyer said having local artists come to Oklahoma Christian is a great example for art and design students.

“It helps potential kids in the art and design department to see how hard work pays off,” Sawyer said. “It showed how we can make art that others want to see.”

Bridwell was in the furniture refurbishing business until she moved to painting because she wanted to create unique art for her family.

“I wanted the students to know that when you ask God to lead you in the way He wants you to go, you can’t go wrong,” Bridwell said. “Making him the reason you do what you do, in any field, brings peace and joy.”

Franks said she wished the school would bring more artists’ work in to help gain connections.

“I really appreciate her confidence in saying how it is very possible to remain a Christian in your work field, which I think can be reflected in any job field you go into,” Franks said.

The Bridwell art show will be wrapping up this week. To find out more information about Bridwell’s art, view her website or visit her gallery in Oklahoma City.

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