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Rushing into club night

Mens’ club Alpha Gamma Omega at Club Night. Photo courtesy of @ago_knights on Instagram.

Rush season is upon multiple colleges throughout the state, and Oklahoma Christian University kicked off the season with their annual club night.

While many other colleges have fraternities or sororities, Oklahoma Christian offers ten social service clubs which give students an opportunity to get more involved with the university and to build relationships with other members in the club.

This past Monday, Oklahoma Christian hosted club night, an event for incoming sophomores to meet with all the social service clubs that our campus has to offer.

The campus was looking forward to Monday’s event as last year’s club night was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Last year we didn’t actually get to do club night when I was rushing,” said Delta Gamma Sigma member Ryan Dufur, “I’m appreciating we get to do it this year.”

The event began at 8:30 Monday evening with everyone gathered in the forum to watch an introductory video showcasing all the clubs.

After the lively introduction ceremony, the potential rushees dispersed to meet with all the clubs that are available to rush over the next couple of weeks.

“Last night was fun,” said Kappa Sigma Tau member Josiah Schmitt, “I was in a Scooby Doo costume asking people for Scooby Snacks, so I was having fun.”

Alpha Gamma Omega member Noah Doner also enjoyed Monday’s event, and he is looking forward to next year.

“It was great to meet a bunch of interesting members and to see what they were looking for in a club and how that related to what the clubs have to offer,” Doner said, “I’m excited to welcome in a new generation of members.”

Club members also gave potential rushees some advice when it comes to rushing over the next couple of weeks.

Stephanie Heredia, representing Gamma Rho, said, “Go to as many rush events as you can, you only rush once! Give all the clubs an equal fair share. Have fun with it, be yourself and don’t be scared, it’s going to be a fun time.”

Lambda Chi Zeta member Monique McKeever echoed the sentiment.

“Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people during rush,” McKeever said, “Stay true to yourself, don’t try to change for your club, find a club that is perfect for you.”

Rush is available to sophomores and upper classmen, while freshmen are designated to their own club.

“There was a span of time when [freshmen] would rush,” said Student Life staff member Savannah Mathews, “we changed the system because if our students get here and the first thing they do is split up into the clubs before they get acclimated to the school, they may get into a club that isn’t for them, or one they don’t enjoy as much.”

Mathews also said that Student Life wants freshmen to get to know people within their class as a whole, rather than immediately breaking off into smaller groups.

“If you separate early, you don’t get to know the rest of the class.” Mathews said.

While the official rush calendars were handed out at Monday’s event, if you happened to miss it, you can stay up to date with all the social service clubs Oklahoma Christian has to offer via their social media.

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