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Seniors discuss plans post graduation

With the spring semester coming a close, graduating seniors prepare for more than just finals next week.

There are two graduation ceremonies this year, the first at 10:30 a.m. and the second at 2:30 p.m. Both ceremonies will be April 29 in the Payne Athletic Center.

The 10:30 a.m. ceremony is for students graduating from the College of Business Administration and the College of Liberal Arts. The 2:30 p.m. ceremony is for students graduating from the College of Biblical Studies, the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the College of Natural and Health Sciences.

Senior Kaylee Eubank, a mechanical engineering major, will walk across the stage on April 29.

“It’s a big accomplishment to finish school, so it will be nice having my undergraduate degree,” Eubank said. “It will be even nicer to eventually get a job and start making money.”

Eubank said she will miss being around her friends most after graduation, specifically her friends in her social service club Iota Kappa Phi.

Iota has been really great,” Eubank said. “It has given me the chance to really get involved in a different area than just my studies. In Iota, I realized that when you are really involved, people usually look up to you, even when you don’t think they do.”

Eubank will start graduate school this fall to receive her master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

“My next step isn’t as drastic as some and I think I need that,” Eubank said. “I feel confident going to grad school and the next steps with seeking God with being disconnected from the OC community. I feel confident leaving OC knowing I have the support of OC behind me.”

Looking back on her time at Oklahoma Christian University, Eubank said she learned more outside of the textbook than she ever imagined.

“I have grown so much during my time at OC,” Eubank said. “I know how to communicate with people better. I know how to express my opinions in a better way. I have learned to seek people out when I am struggling and I have found many role models who have helped me see how to be a God-seeking adult.”

Senior interdisciplinary studies major Jonathan Scheppegrell is also preparing to graduate from Oklahoma Christian next week.

“I feel prepared to leave because I’ve been here so long,” Scheppegrell said. “But at the same time, I have friends here. OC has become my family, and I don’t want to leave family.”

After graduation, Scheppegrell said he plans to get his master’s degree in higher education from Abilene Christian University through their online program.

Scheppegrell said Oklahoma Christian has prepared him to be a future professional.

“I’ve been here for six years, so it’s difficult to say one thing I’ll miss,” Scheppegrell said. “I’ll miss the English department, the psychology department and Psi. OC has touched me in many ways and molded me into who I am now.”

The Oklahoma Christian Events Office plans graduation ceremonies. All matters regarding getting students prepared for graduation, including student degrees, diplomas, caps and hoods are handled in the Oklahoma Christian Registrar’s Office.

Debbie Newberry, enrollment and graduation coordinator, said students need to make sure they are free of holds before graduation. Students will be unable to receive their diplomas and transcripts until all holds, including exit interviews, are cleared.

“Diplomas and transcripts won’t be ready for about two weeks after graduation,” Newberry said. “We can’t clear grades until grades are posted the Tuesday after finals week.”

More information about this year’s graduation can be found online.

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