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SGA weekly update

The Student Government Association met on April 13 for their final meeting of the 2021-22 academic year. The newly elected executive officers led the meeting and gave their introductions to prepare for the 2022-23 academic year. 

After introductions, the meeting moved to discussing a funding request for TeamOC and the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon taking place April 23 and 24. TeamOC is aiming for 100 students to represent Oklahoma Christian; currently, 30 are signed up. 

TeamOC is requesting $3000 to provide scholarships for students to participate in the marathon. SGA partners with TeamOC every year to promote the marathon and get students involved in remembrance of Darci Thompson. They will provide transportation and food to those who sign up regardless of a scholarship. 

There was also a funding request from Soundings asking for an extension on their original request due to an unexpected cost for their Unveiling. They fundraised for extra costs but still need help from SGA to cover the remaining cost. 

Both funding requests were voted on during the meeting by the senate and each group will be informed of the result. 

Following the voting, SGA introduced their new executive officers to help the senate become familiar with their staff for the upcoming year. They then had senate reflections on the year and what SGA has accomplished on campus. 

They highlighted the multicultural committee making baskets for the new international students which will be arriving at Oklahoma Christian in the fall. They also highlighted the achievements of previous SGA president, Kiva Maxwell, as well as Jonah Page’s spirit initiative towards sporting events. They also notarized the formation of the academic affairs committee led by Meredith Eck. 

SGA is looking towards finals week and the final sporting events and fine arts performances closing out the spring semester. Class officer elections are open until April 15 at 5 p.m. 

The new executive staff will prepare for the next academic period over the summer. Contact SGA for any questions, comments or concerns.

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