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Spring break aftermath

After a long weekend for the flex spring break at Oklahoma Christian University, students are back to their classes. Two days off from the normal class schedule supplemented the loss of a spring break, allowing for time to recharge.

Some students, like junior Anny Campbell, used this time to see family and catch up with friends.

“I get homesick occasionally,” Campbell said. “Having opportunities during the school year to go home and see loved ones and have a break from campus is amazing, and deeply appreciated.”

For some, this break allowed students to unwind and leave campus to do something different.

“My roommate and I went to Branson, Missouri,” Campbell said. “While there we had some fun girls’ time by going shopping, getting lots of coffee and going out to eat with my parents.”

Many students like sophomore Abby Johnson were unable to leave campus and stayed due to commitments or distance.

“I live in Idaho so I could not go home and I didn’t really know where else I could go so I just stayed in the dorm,” Johnson said. 

Johnson said she tried to prioritize mental health during the break and tried to avoid focusing too much on homework.

“My mental health suffers because I do not take enough time alone for myself,” Johnson said. “Having a break helps me refresh myself and get ready to finish up the year.”

Campbell also pushed back school work to pause and enjoy the two-day break.

“I was able to manage my homework for the most part, but it was also annoying knowing I had work to do during our break,” Campbell said.

The short break prevented a large number of students from traveling all over the country to continue to keep the campus safe.

“It was a good length because you could not really go anywhere too far so it stopped the potential spread of COVID-19 while having the chance to travel,” Johnson said.

Campbell spoke of how the university tried to consider safety measures for COVID-19 as well as the benefit of a mental break.

“The school staff took the students into consideration and came together to collectively decide what was best for them, and for the entire campus,” Campbell said.

Students said they appreciated the break but were apprehensive at the homework pile possibly rising with it. 

“I didn’t have a ton of work, but I know others did,” Johnson said. “When I did look at my work, it was mostly recordings and I did watch those later on.”

Campbell also spoke of her mixed feelings toward the timing of the modified spring break.

“I do wish we would have had a bigger heads up about the ‘reading days’ break, but I’m just thankful they made adjustments to the school calendar,” Campbell said.  

The end of the semester is coming up along with end of the year deadlines.

“I think they could have chosen the weekend before so it was more around when midterms finished we could have a break,” Johnson said. 

The modified spring break allowed a recharge as students come closer to finishing their final projects and final exams. For some, it was exactly what they needed and for others it was filled with homework and other crucial tasks.

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