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Spring rush gives students opportunities to join social service club

Social service clubs at Oklahoma Christian University have an opportunity to gain more members through the spring rush process.

“I’m glad that we have spring rush because it’s a better fit for some people,” Liz McElroy, parent association director, said. “The plus of rushing in the spring is that there are smaller numbers so you have a better shot at meeting everybody and being able to have more one-on-one interaction with people. Some people need the slower pace because it fits their personality a little bit better.”

Students may have waited to rush in the spring compared to the fall for many reasons, according to club rush directors.

“I think spring rush is a great opportunity for those who chose not to rush in the fall or maybe couldn’t for some reason or another,” senior rushee Amy Walton said. “It especially gives transfer students and the study abroad group a chance to hop in and get involved instead of having to wait until the next school year.”

Some students that do not rush during the fall are able to get to know the clubs outside of just a rush setting and get to know the clubs on a more personal level.

 “People have plenty of time to get a feel of which club that their personality might fit with or that they have friends they feel comfortable with,” McElroy said.

Whenever students join clubs, they have the option of participating in Spring Sing. Many club members find that this event is a chance to bond with their clubs.

“I think the best part about rushing in the spring is joining the clubs for Spring Sing,” junior and Pi rush director Samantha Goodrich said. “You sort of find your belonging with the clubs once you go through blood, sweat and tears with them when practicing.”

Since rush is directly after Christmas break, some students may want to focus more on the first week of school instead of going to rush events and choosing a club. Other students may have taken the fall semester to solidify their club choice.

“Spring rush kind of gets overlooked,” senior and Psi rush director Micah Fryslie said. “You know who wants to rush already whereas in the fall you have a bunch of people trying to choose. But in the spring, people have already made a decision on where they want to go. I really like in the spring that it starts off slower, then Spring Sing kicks in and it feels like there is a lot going on.”

While the fall rush schedule is packed with events for each club and even events involving multiple clubs, the spring semester has one or two events during the first week back from Christmas break.

“I think the worst part about rushing in the spring is the amount of time you have to get to know people in the club,” Goodrich said. “In the fall semester you have a span of a month to get to know the people in each club and make connections with to win over the vote. With the spring rush, you have one event to get to know everyone and make an impression.”

Some students joined a club in the fall, but decided that there were other priorities for their schooling and are re-rushing during the spring.

“For me, it was simply timing,” Walton said. “I had a lot going on in the fall and I was teaching myself to say “no” to some things so that I didn’t over-commit myself. Club was not necessarily one of my top priorities so when I started narrowing down my activities it was something I chose to give up. Spring just happened to be the time that I was ready to get involved again.”

Other times the club a student originally joins is not the best fit for them and spring rush allows them to transfer clubs at the new semester.

“You have to do what is best for yourself,” Walton said. “If that means waiting until spring to rush, then do it.”

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