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Spring Sing 2022 philanthropy project benefits the Christian Service Center

The 2022 Spring Sing philanthropy project will benefit the Christian Service Center in Oklahoma City. The Christian Service Center is a part of the Cross and Crown Mission, which focuses on the physical and mental health of those in need. 

Spring Sing Treasurer and Philanthropy Director, Gina Arter, said she chose the Christian Service Center because it was a perfect fit for the vision of the philanthropy project this year. 

“This year, my goal for the philanthropy project was to create a relationship with an organization that would be deeply impacted by the Spring Sing philanthropy efforts,” Arter said. 

Executive Spring Sing Director, Mallori McDonald, was a part of the decision process for the philanthropy project. 

“We could easily have a show and make it all about ourselves, but instead, having a bigger purpose to it all gives us  time to stop and give back what we’ve been blessed with,” McDonald said. 

Sophomore Carolyn Clark Clark said a philanthropy project like the Christiain Service Center shows how important it is to have relational based support. 

“It lets us remember what’s important,” Clark said. “Spring Sing is meant to be fun and a good time but involving a project like this gives us an important reason to get involved.”

Arter said the Christian Service Center was put on her radar through  a mentor.

“I knew I wanted to partner with them and that they were a perfect fit for what I wanted this year’s project to look like,” Arter said.

The Christian Service Center is a relationship-based organization which goes beyond providing for physical needs. As a nursing student, McDonald said she visited the Christian Service Center for her mission’s clinical experience.

“I thought it was such an awesome opportunity for Oklahoma Christian to get more connected with them, and I figured Spring Sing would be a good way to continue that relationship,” McDonald said.

Arter said the Christian Service Center is unique compared to the past philanthropy projects Oklahoma Christian has benefitted for Spring Sing.

“Not only are they meeting physical needs of those in the community around them, but also emotional and spiritual needs,” Arter said. “The caring nature of everyone working there is an obvious comfort to the community they serve.”

McDonald said having a bigger purpose, like supporting the Christian Service Center, is what makes Spring Sing so special. 

“We always need to refocus our lives to be centered around Christ and I believe it’s just as important to do this during Spring Sing,” McDonald said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what the money we raise will be used for and how this will impact the Christian Service Center.”

Money for the Christian Service Center will be raised through various avenues including multiple restaurant nights, donations from the Spring Sing attendees and auction items ranging from art pieces to gift baskets put together by the social service clubs. 

“I am most looking forward to seeing the impact the money we raise will have on the Christian Service Center,” Arter said. “My hope is they will be able to get closer to making the ideas and dreams they have thought of for their ministry into a reality.”

Donations to the Christian Service Center can be made through CashApp using the username $CSCokc. Updates on the philanthropy project’s progress and events can be found on the Oklahoma Christian’s Spring Sing Instagram page @oc_springsing.  

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