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Students debate the effects of a Disney Princess culture

Taking Sides Chapel provides students at Oklahoma Christian University with the opportunity to debate current, controversial topics from a Christian perspective. On Tuesday, Sept. 19, the topic was, ‘Is the Disney Princesses culture harmful to young females?’

The goal of the chapel is to discuss topics which might be dismissed as unimportant, but actually heavily affect Christian individuals. This week,freshman Michaela Michener argued the culture of Disney princesses is not harmful, while senior Cora Russell debated it has a negative influence.

Professor of Communication Brian Simmons said the two students considered characteristics of Disney princesses such as relationship aspirations, body type and clothing style. He said they used bible verses and biblical examples to support their concerns about this current, real-world issue.

“We ended up in that debate talking about things like the messages that are sent to young girls about ‘you have to have a husband,’ ‘you should be married’ or the idea that ‘you should look a certain way because of the depictions of the body type of the princesses and because of the unrealistic depictions of how the relationship begins and quickly develops,’” Simmons said.

According to Simmons, Christian views can apply to everyday situations, and it is important to discuss them. He said, each week, the topic is both engaging and has educational value.

“It was just a very good discussion in my view, because we brought a Christian perspective to bare on a topic that often doesn’t have a Christian perspective brought to it,” Simmons said.

Although the goal of the weekly debate is not necessarily to come to a conclusion, Simmons said those in attendance have the opportunity to submit their opinions on the issue. He said he will announce the results of the survey next week at the beginning of Taking Sides Chapel.

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