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The Magic Flute bringing “perfect entertainment” to campus this weekend

Tackling another adventurous production, the Oklahoma Christian University theater department will attempt to leave the audience captivated once again with their performance of The Magic Flute.

The Magic Flute is a one-act play based on Mozart’s opera depicting what coming of age is like with an overbearing parent. The first performance, open to faculty, staff and students, will take place tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. in Judd Theater.

“We as a theater department do a children’s play every year,” sophomore Trinty Carpenter, who plays the henchman Cassandra, said. “Last year it was Master Cat, and this year it is the Magic Flute. It is a fun play about a girl who is trying to escape from a helicopter mom. Like a lot of people in those situations, she does not see how bad her mom can be for her.”

Since the show is put on and run by college students, it has a low budget but was still able to come together in a unique way.

“Seeing the whole set come together was fun for me,” Carpenter said. “I knew we did not have much, and I did not expect it to be. It’s very simplistic, but the simple things make it that much better. From our lighting, our fog machine, our set change, it just all comes together beautifully.”

Due to the uniqueness of the show being based on an opera, cast and directors were able to add some things into the show that you do not usually see in a school play.

“The show is based off the opera, it is a play version of the ‘Queen of the Night,’” Carpenter said. “There will be music, but we will not be singing. One person is singing at the end, so we will have a vocalist, but we will also have a live flute. It puts the play into words, and I really like it.”

Even though it is categorized as a children’s play, Carpenter described the play as entertaining for all ages.

“People should come out and see the show because it truly is perfect entertainment,” Carpenter said. “Even in auditions, I was enjoying myself watching people become the characters in the play.”

The Magic Flute will make its debut performance on Thursday, Nov. 14, where it will be free for all students, staff and faculty. There will also be a free reception with refreshments sponsored by The Talon directly following the performance.

On Friday, Nov. 15, at 10 a.m., the cast will perform for kids from local elementary schools. At7 p.m., they will perform again for the public. Saturday, Nov. 16, will be their last day of production, with two performances at 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Kudos will be offered to students who volunteer to be ushers at any of the shows. Students should contact Lisa Pergi if interested.

Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for kids, and $5 per person for groups 10 or more.

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