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Top Five Video Games to beat Shelter in Place

With the looming threat of a mandated shelter-in-place enactment, many are left racking their brains on how to pass the time during this self-isolation. Some turn to exercise, others look to read more books, but the bulk of college students get wrapped up in their favorite Netflix series or video game saga. 


But what makes a video game’s worthiness during quarantine? There are multiple attributes to consider but they can be best summed up a few key components—relevance, length, and online capabilities.  


The Talon has compiled a list of video games, both old and new, meeting such criteria:




Yes, the long-time classic and the fan-favorite. Fortnite, a game that never dies, is great for killing time and offers up the ability to play long hours with friends across multiple gaming consoles. It is the clear cut choice for most gamers and the thrill of claiming a victory royale, whether solo or as a team, has yet to lose its power. It offers simple gameplay that is easy to get good at but difficult to master—but don’t be a bush-camper.  


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


As Nintendo’s first full-scale commitment to outfitting Hyrule as a true open-world experience, the gameplay offers a liberating ability to adapt to a massive universe. Many players find themselves exploring while having the gameplay unfold on its own—a unique format. Hundreds of hidden challenges can be found in the game’s deepest nooks and crannies. This version of the classic makes surviving a huge part of the gameplay strategy which is unique to the series. If you’re a completionist, expect to see up to 200 hours of gameplay.


MLB The Show 20


Name a sport, it is probably canceled. The recently released MLB The Show 20 offers an avenue to be a part of the currently struggling sporting world. With features like Diamond Dynasty, March to October, and the ability to create custom leagues, online interaction is intertwined with the gameplay. Gamers can choose to grind out missions to improve their team or play casually offline. The hours are endless and its consistent release of new content makes for an addicting game. 


Fallout 4

Famous for its 1950s-vintage future gone haywire setting, Fallout 4 provides an ironic look at a post-apocalyptic world while we are seeking shelter in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. With over 50 hours of gameplay, gamers can find themselves wandering in the ruins of Boston for hours. With a massive map, there are discoveries to be had and sleep to be lost. 

Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar Games has produced some of the most comprehensive and detailed maps to date—Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception. With an immersive storyline, players become attached to the characters within the game and can find themselves putting the designed campaign on the backburner. Gamers can steal stagecoaches, stalk pronghorn antelope and play poker all free from the story-line. Speed runs can last up to 50 hours but to experience every detailed animation, expect to long much more than that. 

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