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Campus Spirit Committee encourages student participation

The Student Government Association’s Campus Spirit committee is encouraging students to further support Oklahoma Christian University’s fine arts and athletic departments this school year.

Committee chair Madison Arnold said the Campus Spirit committee plans to rejuvenate the student section by bringing back Flight Club in January. This will allow students to get discounts at restaurants surrounding campus for attending athletic events.

We appreciate all fans who attend games,” Arnold said. “From a sports perspective, it’s fantastic to have fans that are loud and organized in chants. Campus Spirit thinks that is important as well, which is part of the reason we have decided to bring back Flight Club. Flight Club will be a great way people can get involved. There will be a membership fee, but also rewards for members.”

According to Arnold, the enthusiasm has been great so far at basketball games this season. Freshman basketball player DJ Walter said the students’ energy at games really helps the team to succeed.

Despite the energy that we bring on the court, the students’ energy gives us an extra boost out there,” Walter said. “Whenever there is an exciting play or we need to get a stop on defense, the students have been there yelling, cheering and just going crazy. We feed off of that and that is why I think it is important for the students to show up.”

Though Walter does not know what the enthusiasm at basketball games looked like in previous years, he said the energy at games so far has been “awesome.” Still, he said it would be great if even more students showed up to support the team.

“I think all athletes should support each other as we’re all striving for the same goal— to represent, number one, our Lord and Savior because He blessed us with the ability, but also to represent OC as well and bring home some championships,” Walter said. “Students are supporting, but I feel like we could get a lot more involvement from them. We appreciate everyone that has come out and supported us so far this season, and we would love if you all would keep supporting us—we will not let you all down.”

Delta Gamma Sigma and the Oklahoma Christian baseball team have led the way in terms of campus spirit at basketball games, as recognized by the athletic department. Before the Southern Nazarene University men’s basketball game, the athletic department paid for their dinner as a reward for their consistent presence at games.

According to Delta Vice President Andrew Bruce, the club provides a “paternal energy,” which contributes to the general atmosphere at games. Delta member Mekko Factor said he believes all students should go to basketball games as long as they do not take Delta’s spot in the gym.

“Students should care because this is the best team OC has had in a while,” Factor said. “They almost won the conference last season, and they’re off to another hot start. Supporting the basketball team shouldn’t only be a Delta thing or a baseball thing. All students should be out making noise and cheering on the team.”

With food and apparel incentives to attend games, Arnold encourages students to show up to fine arts and sporting events with a larger goal in mind.  

“Campus spirit is all about school spirit and school pride,” Arnold said. “We have the opportunity to go to a great school with a fantastic community. Sometimes, that community doesn’t show through at sporting events, but I think it is so important.”

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